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Answering your questions related to payments, transfers, BPAY and more.

Transfer & BPAY®

The ‘Transfers & BPAY’ menu allows you to transfer money between your own or other bank accounts, or pay a bill using BPAY. To make a Transfer, Pay Anyone payment, or a BPAY payment:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments and select Transfers & BPAY, then select the payment type,
  3. Enter details of the account to be debited and the account, Payee or Biller to be credited,
  4. Enter the transfer amount,
  5. Nominate whether the transfer is a one-off or recurring transfer,
  6. Enter the transfer date,
  7. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm details.

Transfers between registered accounts, or Pay Anyone transfers to other Newcastle Permanent accounts, will be conducted immediately.  

BPAY Payments and Pay Anyone Payments to accounts other than Newcastle Permanent accounts, will be processed at 10am and 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time and Australian Eastern Daylight Time in Sydney, on business days. Payments not made on a business day will be processed the next business day.

To view previous or pending Transfers and BPAY payments:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, and select ‘Pending/Completed Payments’,
  3. Click the ‘View Completed or Pending Transaction’ tab.

To view your transaction history, select ‘Account Summary’ from the ‘Accounts’ Menu and use the link from the Account Number or the ‘More’ icon.  (You can also use the ‘More’ icon from the Account Summary on the Home screen).

To transfer funds to a third party account at another bank:

  1. From the ‘Payments’ menu, select ‘Transfers & BPAY’ and then select the ‘Pay Anyone’ tab;
  2. Select an existing Payee from the drop down menu or add a new Payee by selecting ‘New Payee’and entering the details of the account including the BSB Number, Account Number and Account Name,

Select the checkbox to Add the Payee details for future use.

Pending payments are future dated and /or recurring payments. To view your existing pending payments:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments tab and select ‘Pending/Completed Payments’,
  3. Click the ‘View Pending Transactions’ tab.

You can receive your bills online and view a summary of each bill with BPAY View®. You can choose to pay the bill immediately or schedule the payment for a future date. BPAY View will even keep track of the bills you have received and paid. 

If you are registered to receive BPAY View electronic bills, any bills which are due will be listed here, with unpaid bills at the top. 

The following details will be displayed:

  • Biller: The biller name
  • Code: The biller code
  • Bill ID: Unique ID number for the individual bill
  • Date Due
  • Amount
  • Status: This bill will appear as Paid, Unpaid or Paid Offline.     
For more detailed information in BPAY View registration you should consult the BPAY View website.

Select the BPAY® option from Payments. This enables you to pay your bills using the BPAY service.

The ‘Transfers & BPAY’ menu includes the option to select Osko as a payment type.

Log on to Internet Banking

  1. Navigate to Payments and select Transfers & BPAY, then select Osko as the payment type
  2. Enter details of the account to be debited and the account, Payee to be credited. An Osko payment can also use a PayID in place of a traditional BSB and account number
  3. Enter the description for the payee which can include up to 280 characters
  4. Enter the amount of the payment
  5. Nominate whether the transfer is a one-off or recurring transfer
  6. Enter the transfer date
  7. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm details.

No, removing a Payee from your Payee List will not cancel future dated payments.

Please note the Authorisation function can only be accessed if you have a Business Banking account. As many business accounts require two or more signatures to approve transactions, Internet Banking ensures these same rules are applied for equivalent transactions occurring online.

The Pending Approvals screen allows you to view all payments which require authorisation before they can be completed. From this screen, Authorised Business Users can either reject a payment, by selecting ‘Reject’, or authorise a payment by clicking ‘Approve’.

When you transfer funds to a Payee, the details you enter into the Description field when making the transfer will appear on both your statement and the Payee's statement.

When transferring funds to accounts at banks other than Newcastle Permanent, your name will also appear on the Payee's statement.

Yes. If you transfer money into an eligible Newcastle Permanent transactional account, as soon as the funds are available you can withdraw it from an ATM. Default ATM withdrawal limits may apply to some accounts. If you use a Newcastle Permanent or Westpac ATM, you will not be charged an ATM fee.

Pending payments or transfers can be cancelled, but you cannot delete or cancel either an immediate transfer, or a transfer or payment being processed today.

Yes, you can modify a payment or transfer. To do so:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments and select ‘Pending/Completed Payments’,
  3. Click ‘View Pending Transactions’,
  4. From the Pending Transactions screen click the 'more options' icon to the right of the pending payment you wish to modify,
  5. Click ‘Edit Payment’,
  6. You will then be able to edit any details of your payment.

If you have set up a future dated funds transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment and it has been rejected, a notification will display in your secure mail inbox. You can also opt-in to receive these alerts via SMS or email.

Yes. Previous multiple funds transfer Payees can be saved as a part of a Multiple Pay Anyone template. Templates can be created from the Payments menu or saved after making a multiple funds transfer.

To add a new BPAY Biller:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, select ‘Address Book’ and then click on the BPAY tab,
  3. Click the Add Biller option on the right hand side of the screen,
  4. On the Register Biller screen, add a new Biller to your Biller List by entering the following details:
    • Biller Code: this should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo.
    • Biller Name: add the name of the Biller as it appears on your bill
    • Biller Nickname: You can enter a personalised name for the Biller. If you do, this will be displayed on all screens where the Biller name is shown. If you don't enter a Biller Nickname, then the Biller's name will display as defined by BPAY
    • Customer Reference Number: this should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo
  5. Click ‘Continue’,
  6. When you press Continue you will be required to enter either your Transaction Password or an SMS Code.

You can also add a new Biller while making a BPAY payment by selecting the ‘Add Biller’ option and entering  the above details in the relevant field.

To edit an existing BPAY Biller:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, select Address Book and then BPAY,
  3. Select Edit Biller from the ‘more options’ icon to the right of the Biller, to edit the Biller Name.
  4. To edit the Biller Code or your BPAY Reference Number, you may need to remove this Biller and add a new BPAY Biller. 

Changing the Biller information will not affect any future-dated payments that you have previously set-up.


Internet Banking allows you to create a batch payment (multiple payments in a single transaction) by importing an ABA (Australian Bankers Association direct entry) file from your accounting or payroll system.  

When creating an ABA file, provide the following details when prompted:

  • Bank User ID: 000 437
  • Bank Identifier: NEW
  • BSB Number: 650 001 
  • Account Number: [your NPBS account to debit]  
  • Self-balancing: No

For Business Members, saving the details of multiple transfers is a convenient way to make payments. 

Details of multiple funds transfers can be saved as a template in Internet Banking so you can re-use it at another time.

You can create a Multiple payment to employees or suppliers in one go. The transaction can also be saved as a template that can be reused or edited. These payments will be processed as one transaction per entry.

Creating a template is a convenient way for Business Members to make payments to several Billers or Payees by saving details of multiple payment transfers for future use. This process does not require an ABA (Australian Bankers Association direct entry) file to be uploaded every time you wish to make a payment.

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, and select ‘Manage Templates’,
  3. Click ‘Add New’,
  4. Select the Transaction Type, (Transfer, BPAY®, Pay Anyone) and continue,
  5. Choose the ‘From Account’ and enter a description,
  6. Select the ‘To Account’ and enter a description,
  7. In the Payment Details section enter the payment amount and choose Pay Once or Pay Often,
  8. Enter the date on which the payment is to be made,
  9. Choose Continue or, for adding additional entries, select ‘Add New Entry’,
  10. Once all entries have been added click ‘Save as template’, or continue to proceed with the payment. 

To delete a previously saved template: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, and select ‘Manage Templates’,
  3. Locate the template to be deleted,
  4. Click the 'More Options' icon to the right of the template entry,
  5. Select ‘Delete Template'.

Batch payments can be made by uploading an ABA file (Australian Bankers Association direct entry file) to Internet Banking. To upload an ABA file: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments and select ‘Batch Payments’,
  3. Choose the menu option ‘Upload a file’,
  4. Fill in the ‘File Processing Date’,
  5. Click the ‘Browse’ option and select the ABA file you wish to upload,
  6. From the ‘Debit Account’ dropdown select the account from which you wish the funds to be debited,
  7. Enter a description in the ‘File Description’ field, 
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm the file upload details. 

Payments made after 4pm may not be processed until the next business day (refer to your account terms and conditions.) You cannot delete or cancel an immediate transfer or a transfer to be processed today. Business Members will be able to upload a batch file, view uploaded batch file details, or approve / reject uploaded batch files.

Personal customers can manage their Payment Limits by increasing or decreasing your payment limit by any value from $0 up to the maximum value of your Daily Payment Limit. Increasing your limit will require authorisation using an SMS code or transaction password. 

To do this:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking
  2. Navigate to Services and select ‘Payment Limits’
  3. Select the Transaction Type (BPAY® or Pay Anyone)
  4. Click the ‘Payment Limits’ button to continue
  5. Your ‘Current Limit’ and your ‘Maximum Allowable Limit’ will display
  6. In the ‘Limit Amount’ field, enter your preferred daily payment limit amount, up to the maximum allowable limit included above. 

If you choose to decrease your limit to $0, you will need to  contact us on 13 19 87 to increase it again.

If you would like a higher Daily Payment Limit , contact us on 13 19 87 or visit your local branch.

Separate Daily Payment Limits now apply to Pay Anyone (including Batch Payments for business members) and BPAY® payments.  

The Daily Payment Limit is the maximum cumulative value of all Pay Anyone and Batch payments made, or set up, on all registered accounts by all Authorised Users on Internet and Mobile Banking. The amount is based on the date the payment occurs, not the date the payment was created.  

Transfers between your accounts are excluded from these amounts.


Osko by BPAY is an innovative payment service which allows you to make and receive payments faster, 24/7 via any participating financial institution. Rather than waiting hours or days for money from someone who happens to use a different bank, your money can now be moved in near real-time with close to immediate availability of funds. Osko could be used when paying at a group dinner, socialising, or even paying a tradesperson on the spot. Osko enables payments to each other more conveniently than ever before.

Osko is a complementary service to BPAY and BPAY View, providing new and alternative ways to send and receive payments Australia-wide.

BPAY is the easiest way to make bill payments, packed with smart features to make it less complicated – like bill scheduling, auto payments, and Batch Payments.

BPAY View makes it easy to manage your bills and statements so that you can view, pay and store bills securely by getting them sent straight to your Internet Banking.

Osko uses world-leading technology certified to the highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All payments made on the platform are also subject to participating financial institutions’ own real-time fraud screening and detection capabilities. As always, consumers should remain alert to the possibility of cons and scams particularly if they receive unexpected requests via social media, emails or SMS for urgent payments or account information.

As long as you are registered for Internet Banking you will be able to select the option to make an Osko payment either through Internet Banking or our Mobile App. If your account is currently able to receive an incoming payment it will also be ready to receive an Osko payment, no additional registration is required.


PayID is a “smart address” for payments, created by linking a financial account that you own to a recognisable and memorable piece of information that you use in everyday life – such as your phone number or email address. PayID is also the name of the service that enables direct payments through this smart address. With PayID, you can send and receive payments with unprecedented ease, convenience and confidence.

There are a number of benefits to using PayID, including:  

  • PayID makes payments an intuitive experience in keeping with the way we live life today, and does it in a way that is safe and secure.  
  • Greater convenience as you can provide Payers with details which are easy to remember such as an Email Address or a Phone Number.  
  • Greater peace of mind as you no longer have to provide your account information, such as BSB and Account number to Payers in order to receive payments. Services that use PayID may display a PayID Name before you send a payment as an additional level of confirmation that you are sending money to the right person.  
  • Ability to maintain and transfer your PayID details if you change financial institutions.

To register for a PayID

  • Log on to your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App and navigate to the Services tab
  • Select ‘Manage PayID’ and click the ‘Add New’ option
  • This will open a new page where you can select the account to link to your PayID, and choose your PayID type
  • Select ‘Continue’. This will open a new page were you can verify and confirm your PayID.

There are strict rules that must be followed when a PayID is created. Newcastle Permanent will follow strict identification steps (like those already in place in the industry) to ensure the user has a right to use that PayID as well as the bank account it is being linked to.

A PayID cannot be used to take money out of an account. It can only be used to receive payments.

To change the account your PayID is registered to: 

  • Log on to your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App and navigate to the Services tab
  • Select ‘Manage PayID’ and from the option menu on the right hand side you will find the 'Edit" option
  • This will open a new page where you can change the ‘Selected Account to link to PayID’
  • You will need to verify this request through inputting a code that confirm the transaction. 

To delete a PayID:

  • Log on to your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App and navigate to Services tab
  • Select ‘Manage PayID’ and on the PayID you wish to delete, click the option menu on the right hand side and select ‘delete’ 
  • This will open a new page where you can review and confirm the details you wish to delete.

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