We will never contact you unexpectedly and ask for your account information. Find more info on how to spot a scam here.

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Locally-based customer support

Our friendly Newcastle Permanent contact centre can help you during the following hours:

  • Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm
  • Saturday from 9am-2pm
  • Sunday online only from 9am-2pm

The BSB reference for Newcastle Permanent is 650 000. However, please note some business customers may have been issued a different BSB (650300). If you are unsure what your BSB is please contact 13 19 87.

Call 13 19 87. From overseas +61 2 4907 6501

Please report lost or stolen Newcastle Permanent cards immediately.

You can immediately place a temporary block on stolen or lost cards through internet banking. The block will prevent any transactions on your card.

To block your card through Internet Banking: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Services, then Card Services and select ‘Block my card’,
  3. Select the account which the card belongs to,
  4. Select the card you wish to block,
  5. Select a ‘Reason’ for placing a block on this card,
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions,
  7. Select ‘Continue’.

To remove the block, contact us on 13 19 87.

Access your accounts

You may need to access your accounts from overseas, so make sure you know your app or internet banking password before you go.

Please contact us before you go to set up an alternative Transaction Password to use while travelling, this will ensure you can continue to access your accounts avoiding any issues overseas accessing your Australian mobile number to receive your SMS one time password.

Notify us of your travel plans

Let us know your travel plans via the app or internet banking so we can monitor your account activity overseas and provide better security for you.

To use the app to notify us of your travel plans:

  • Log on
  • Go to Profile
  • Select Overseas travel and follow the prompts.

To use internet banking to notify us of your travel plans:

  • Log on to internet banking and navigate to Services > Overseas travel,
  • Select 'Add trip'
  • Enter all countries you plan to visit including stopovers, and the dates you are travelling,
  • Use the checkboxes provided to let us know if you are planning to use your cards for ATM withdrawals, or for large purchases, 
  • Select ‘Save’.

Alternatively, you can call us on 13 19 87, or visit one of our branches to notify us. 

Before you can receive money from overseas, you will need to provide the sender with the right information.

Please note we use an intermediary bank to facilitate international transfers and do not accept funds directly. The following information may be useful to the sending bank located overseas.

A Tier1 bank in Australia must be chosen as the intermediary to convert foreign currency to Australian dollars (if required) then onforward funds to Australian Settlements Limited (ASL) BIC ASLLAU2C.

The Intermediary bank in Australia is any of the majors – ANZ, CBA, NAB, Westpac and CitiBank Sydney.

The foreign sending bank will need to know which bank they hold an RMA with in Australia to enter in Field 56 of the Swift instructions. Codes of the available intermediary banks are in the table below.

ASL’s BIC ASLLAU2C will be the “Account With” Institution in Field 57 of the Swift instructions. Your BSB and account number along with your full legal name and address will be the Beneficiary Account details in Field 59.

Intermediary Bank in Australia (SWIFT Field 56)

One of: 

  • NATAAU33
Bank Name Newcastle Permanent
Bank Code (BIC)/SWIFT Code (SWIFT Field 57) ASLLAU2C
Beneficiary/Receiving customer account details (SWIFT Field 59)
Please include our BSB then account number.
For example 650000 XXXXXXXXX
Beneficiary name and address
Your full name (no initials)
Street address (can’t be a post office box)

We're working to be Australia's favorite banking experience. So please, let us know what we’re doing well and what we can do better. Visit our Compliments and Complaints page to see the best ways to get in touch with us.

For media enquiries:
Weekdays (8am-5.30pm) call: 0428 284 693
After hours and weekends text: 0428 284 693

Head office:
307 King Street
Newcastle West
NSW 2302

Postal address:
PO Box 5001
Hunter Region Mail Centre
NSW 2310

Do you prefer to speak another language?

Simply let us know and we can arrange an interpreter to help with your call. You can also use the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) for immediate interpreting support on 13 14 50.

If you find hearing or speaking on the phone tricky, you can reach us through the National Relay Service (NRS).

Our complaints process (with Auslan interpreter)

It’s good to know your worth

Add more value to your money with our Online Savings Account.

Get what you deserve with a 5% p.a.#, $0 account-keeping fees, and an award-winning app to manage your money.

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Security advice

Your bank will never contact you unexpectedly and request the following:

• Share your password, PIN, customer number, or one-time password
• Transfer money, withdraw, or deposit cash to a third party
• Click a link to grant access to your computer
• Send a courier or staff to pick up money, cards, or details from you.

Never respond if you're contacted unexpectedly and asked for any of the above. Rather call your bank directly or visit your local branch to confirm if it's a legitimate request.

Together, the Charitable Foundation and We Care Connect can help change the cycle of poverty and provide the every day essentials that families deserve.

Here for you

We understand life doesn't always go to plan and we're here to help any customers experiencing financial difficulty. Our hardship program can provide support through challenging times like financial over commitment, job loss or reduced hours and illness.

Log on the app and select ‘Profile’ from the bottom menu to find your 8 digit Customer ID. Otherwise select ‘Forgot Customer ID’ from internet banking and follow the prompts.

If there is a known outage, we will notify customers with an alert on our website and keep customers updated via our Facebook page.

If you're experiencing other issues with the app or internet banking, contact us and we can help troubleshoot.

Available over the phone or in person, you can get the specialist help you need with our locate a lender tool, or submit an enquiry form to request a callback.

  1. Log on
  2. Select Scheduled payments at the top of the screen to see upcoming and completed payments
  3. Tap on a payment to make an edit, or use button at the bottom of the screen to schedule a new payment.
Internet banking:
  1. Log on
  2. Navigate to Payments > Scheduled payments to see upcoming and completed payments
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots to edit a payment.

It’s important to notify us as soon as possible if you notice any unauthorised transactions or suspicious account activity.

  1. Log on to internet banking
  2. Navigate to Accounts > Dispute a transaction
  3. Enter your details and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can notify us on 13 19 87 or by visiting your local branch.

You can also take practical measures to secure your accounts by reducing your payment limit or placing a temporary block on your cards.

Note that if you reduce your payment limit to $0 or block your cards you will need to contact us to increase your limit or unblock your cards.

#The Online Savings Account Standard Rate is variable and subject to change without prior notice; however, the Introductory Bonus Rate offer is a fixed rate that won’t change during the period it applies to your account. The Introductory Bonus Rate applies for the first 3 months after the account is opened, on top of the Standard Rate. At the end of the 3-month Introductory Bonus Rate period only the Standard Rate will continue to apply. The Introductory Bonus Rate is available on a new Online Savings Account if you and all other account owners have not been eligible to receive the Introductory Bonus Rate on any other Online Savings Account in the previous 6-months. To be eligible to receive any interest inclusive of the Introductory Bonus Rate or Standard Rate, all account owners must hold an Everyday Account, Home Loan or a Credit Facility with Newcastle Permanent.