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We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our growing team.

Newcastle Permanent is proud to have over 325,000 customers and many local branches across regional NSW. We employ nearly 1,000 people. Every year we spend $1.5 million on community sponsorships and our staff donates $60,000 to local charities.

Why are we different? At Newcastle Permanent, we treat our customers like they own the place. Because they do.

We’re a mutual building society. The difference being that we’re owned by our customers, not by shareholders. That means profits go back to our customers as better interest rates and competitive fees, and to the communities we operate in through extensive sponsorships and financial grants to good causes.

We provide financial services, including accounts, home and personal loans, debit and credit cards, and insurance, but we’re not a bank.

Join us and enjoy a career doing something you love that provides real value to your local community.

Krystal from Thirsty Cow receiving a novelty cheque
Thirsty Cow staff donation

Are we a good fit?

Here at Newcastle Permanent we strive to provide a positive work environment with opportunities for our staff. Our far-reaching branch network and Head Office provide opportunities for moving throughout the organisation.

You know you are a fit for Newcastle Permanent when:

  • You put the needs of our customers first
  • You are engaging, approachable and full of integrity
  • You’re interested in developing or improving the value of our products and services
  • You want a long-lasting partnership with a business that gets you
  • You have a passion for the local community
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