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We've put together some answers to commonly asked Personal Lending questions.

The Basics

A Value+ Credit Card gives you a flexible credit limit to draw on for purchases and cash advances. You can pay back your funds each month by paying at least the minimum monthly repayment or more if you want to minimize your interest charges.

Personal Loans or Car Loans are paid as a lump sum and repayments are paid back in regular fixed installments. There are also different fees and interest rate charges that apply.

Our Value+ Credit Card can be used for any purpose you like. 

You can use our Value+ Credit Card to purchase goods and services around the world, either in-store or online, and pay bills via phone and Internet banking. It’s also a great safeguard in case you need funds in an emergency. And additional cardholders can also access these credit funds.

Talk to our friendly staff to work out how much you can borrow, what your minimum repayments will be, how the application process works and what documentation you will need to supply.

The fees and charges you pay with Newcastle Permanent are very competitive. 

For Personal Loans there is a $250 application fee, which is only payable if your loan is approved. 

Our Value+ Credit Card has a $49 annual fee, which will apply to your credit card account each year. There are no penalty fees for repaying your credit card or loan early, however if you miss a payment, or your payment is late, fees and charges may apply.

We can usually give you an indication of whether your application is likely to be approved and how much you will be able to borrow when you first apply.

Generally, your Personal Loan could be approved within 24 hours of your application, and you can receive your new Value+ Credit Card within 10 working days, providing all information is received and correct.

A guarantor is a person (or group of people) that is willing to make a guarantee on another borrower's loan

A guarantee is a promise by the guarantor that the borrower under a credit contract will keep to all the terms and conditions of the contract. If the borrower does not do so, the guarantor promises to pay the credit provider all the money owing on the contract (and any reasonable enforcement expenses) as soon as the money is asked for. If the guarantor does not pay, then the credit provider can take enforcement action against the guarantor, which may result in the forced sale of any property owned by the guarantor.

Information you'll need to provide

When applying for a Personal Loan or Value+ Credit Card, you need to demonstrate your ability to make a regular commitment both to a savings plan as well as an ongoing ability to make the appropriate repayments. 

We recommend you bring to your Personal Loan interview copies of account statements, account passbooks or any other supporting evidence of your savings.

We ask that you provide your most recent payslip, personal taxation return, or payment summaries. Other evidence of income or additional documentation may also be required.

Details of your other commitments and loans are also a necessary part of any Personal Loan or Value+ Credit Card appraisal. 

How you managed your last or current loan together with how much you are currently repaying is very important. The most current statements for each existing commitment or loan are required to assist us in the assessment process.

You will need to identify yourself to us when you apply for a Personal Loan or Value+ Credit Card

For details of acceptable documentation, please contact your local branch or call 13 19 87.

We're here to help you with your personal lending enquiries. Simply complete our online enquiry or application form, call us on 13 19 87, or drop into your local Newcastle Permanent branch.

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Here’s some more information for you:  
Applications for finance are subject to Newcastle Permanent's normal credit approval process. Full Terms and Conditions will be included with our loan offer. Fees and charges are payable. Loans for commercial purposes are excluded.
“we” or “us” or “our” means Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited, ACN 087 651 992, Australian Financial Services Licence / Australian Credit Licence 238273.