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Download your Everyday Banking Account Guide for more details.

  • Number 1
    Instant account access
    Add your Visa card to Digital Wallet straight after opening a new account via the app and tap away with mobile payments.
  • Number 2
    Speedy and secure payments
    Register your email or mobile number with PayID to transfer money securely in near real time.
  • Number 3
    Switch your salary
    Streamline your banking and get paid directly into your account by submitting a form with your employer.
  • Number 4
    Pay your way
    Set up regular payments for your bills and loan repayments to keep on top of your budget.


To see all FAQs visit our help & support page

Log on the app and select ‘Profile’ from the bottom menu to find your 8 digit Customer ID. Otherwise select ‘Forgot Customer ID’ from internet banking and follow the prompts.

You'll need your customer ID and a few other personal details.

  • Download the app via the App Store or Play Store and follow the prompts.
Internet banking:
  • Register via the Log on tab on our website and follow the prompts.

You’ll be paid into your nominated account once your employer has updated your details.

Along with your device, you'll need a Newcastle Permanent Visa Debit or Visa Value+ credit card. Our team can help you apply for an eligible product if you don't already have one.

First, download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store. Second, you can add an eligible card  by snapping a picture or entering your account number manually.

If your eligible card is already set up for Google Play, you can simply add that card to Google Pay by confirming a few details.

You must be 14 years or over to apply for a Visa Debit card. When opening a new eligible account a Visa Debit card will be automatically issued to you.

If you wish to upgrade an existing account to a Visa Debit card visit one of our branches or call 13 19 87.

Access your accounts

You may need to access your accounts from overseas, so make sure you know your app or internet banking password before you go.

Please contact us before you go to set up an alternative Transaction Password to use while travelling, this will ensure you can continue to access your accounts avoiding any issues overseas accessing your Australian mobile number to receive your SMS one time password.

Notify us of your travel plans

Let us know your travel plans via the app or internet banking so we can monitor your account activity overseas and provide better security for you.

To use the app to notify us of your travel plans:

  • Log on
  • Go to Profile
  • Select Overseas travel and follow the prompts.

To use internet banking to notify us of your travel plans:

  • Log on to internet banking and navigate to Services > Overseas travel,
  • Select 'Add trip'
  • Enter all countries you plan to visit including stopovers, and the dates you are travelling,
  • Use the checkboxes provided to let us know if you are planning to use your cards for ATM withdrawals, or for large purchases, 
  • Select ‘Save’.

Alternatively, you can call us on 13 19 87, or visit one of our branches to notify us. 

Wave goodbye to waiting

Add your eligible Visa Debit card to the Digital Wallet and tap to pay straight away after opening a new account online. No need to wait for your physical card to arrive.

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Interest rates effective as of 22/06/2024 and are subject to change without prior notice.
ᴥ Standard interest is earned on your Smart Saver Account each month that it maintains a positive balance. Bonus interest is paid on each portion of your balance within each strata (tier). This means that different rates of interest apply to different parts of your account balance. To qualify for bonus interest, your closing balance must be higher than the opening balance (excluding any interest earned) and you must not have made more than two withdrawals during the calendar month. All account holders must be under 25 years of age as at the last day of that month to be eligible for a Smart Saver Under 25’s.
^Must be 14 to apply for a Visa Debit card.
^^For more information about ‘Everyday Transactions’, refer to the product schedule.
ΔNo transaction fees apply for a successful cash withdrawal or account balance query using your Newcastle Permanent Visa debit card at any Newcastle Permanent, Greater Bank, ANZ, NAB, Commonwealth Bank or Westpac ATM across Australia.
Apple Pay Terms of Use.
Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Wallet, Face ID, Touch ID, Touch Bar, Safari, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, iTunes and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.
^^^For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see 
Google Pay Terms of Use.
Google, Google Pay and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
Cashcards and Business+ Credit Cards are not eligible.