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How we help to protect you

Scammers don’t discriminate.

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and anybody can be targeted. We have a dedicated team looking for suspicious transactions and activity across your accounts, but it’s important to remain vigilant and keep your personal information secure.

Get in touch immediately if:

  • We contact you to ask for your personal details, PIN or access codes i.e. your passcode and password/s or any one time password – we would never do this
  • You suspect your access codes or PIN have become known by someone else
  • You see any unauthorised transactions on your account/s
  • You’re concerned that you’ve become a victim of a scam or fraud
  • Your card, phone, passbook or cheque book is lost or stolen
  • You have moved and need to update your details.

Sources of scams

  • npbs icon Emails
  • chat Social media
  • Home Loans Individuals posing as legitimate companies or charities
  • Contact us Phone calls
  • Document Text messages or “smishing”

Tips to protect your money and identity