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Here for good

We like to do things a little differently here at Newcastle Permanent. As a mutual we put you first. No shareholders means no compromise. Just great rates, outstanding service and real commitment to the community.

As part of NGM Group, one of Australia’s largest customer-owned banks, we’ve been helping customers with their first homes through to investment properties for 120 years.

Our organisation was built by people looking for an alternative to the major banks. Today, we’re still always working to do better and to keep surprising you with how good community banking can be.

Newcastle Permanent, here for you, here for good.

How we make a difference

Supporting local and giving back is what we stand for. Our team is 100% based in Australia, which means a local call centre and no offshore processing to slow us down. We also care about giving back.

Every year our people volunteer thousands of hours to local charities and generously donate tens of thousands of dollars to local organisations that help make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

We proudly support local partners that help keep our communities safe and active, and our Charitable Foundation has invested more than $25 million in community funding since 2003. And we know that to truly be here for good, we must lead by example to ensure we fulfil our social responsibility to current and future generations.

Wires donation

Disclosure documents

Visit the NGM Group website to view the Constitution for Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd.

Visit the NGM Group website to view our Corporate Governance Disclosure Statement.

To view our 2023 Annual Report, visit the NGM Group website

For Annual Reports prior to 2023, please get in touch.

Newcastle Permanent is part of Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd ACN 087 651 992 Australian Financial Services Licence / Australian credit licence 238273 (NGM Group). As a member of NGM Group, you may elect how you receive Notices of NGM Group Meetings, Annual Reports and Notices of Member Rights (Notices and Reports) from NGM Group.

NGM Group currently does not send members Notices and Reports, unless we receive a request to do so. You may elect to receive Notices and Reports in physical or electronic form. You also have the right to elect to not be sent an Annual Report. You can make or change your election by contacting us on 13 19 87.

If no election is made, NGM Group can choose which method to send the Notices and Reports to members, including by publishing the Notices and Reports on the NGM Group website. Where an election has been made, NGM Group will continue to honour that request unless changes are made.

Annual Reports set out the following information:

  • The financial position and performance of NGM Group; and
  • The efficiency with which NGM Group is managed; and
  • The financial risks to which NGM Group is exposed.

Notice of meetings informs members about matters in relation to which they may wish to attend a meeting. A member of NGM Group who is entitled to attend, and cast a vote at, a meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on your behalf at the meeting.

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting and other meetings of members, of NGM Group enables the members to:

  • Participate in the governance of NGM Group;
  • Ask questions about, and comment on, the management of NGM Group, its financial standing and performance;
  • Ask the auditor of NGM Group questions about the conduct of the audit of the body corporate and the preparation and content of the auditor’s report; and
  • Vote on any proposal to amend the constitution of NGM Group or on any other matter in relation to the management of NGM Group.

In order to save paper, we encourage our members to elect to receive electronic communications. However, members can elect to receive some or all the Notices and Reports in physical or electronic form. To update your communications preferences, request a one-off physical or electronic copy of any of the Notices and Reports or if you have any queries, please:

Together, the Charitable Foundation and We Care Connect can help change the cycle of poverty and provide the every day essentials that families deserve.

Latest news

*In terms of total assets, KPMG Mutual Industry Review 2021