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It’s good to know your worth

Add more value to your money with our Online Savings Account.

Get what you deserve with a 5% p.a.#, $0 account-keeping fees, and an award-winning app to manage your money.

1% p.a. Standard Rate + 4% p.a. Introductory Bonus Rate Offer#. Terms and Conditions apply.

Unlock your banking features

Download our award-winning app and discover all that your account has to offer.

woman with phone and coins

Download your Everyday Banking Account Guide for more details.

  • Number 1
    Instant account access
    Add your Visa card to Digital Wallet straight after opening a new account via the app and tap away with mobile payments.
  • Number 2
    Speedy and secure payments
    Register your email or mobile number with PayID to transfer money securely in near real time.
  • Number 3
    Switch your salary
    Streamline your banking and get paid directly into your account by submitting a form with your employer.
  • Number 4
    Pay your way
    Set up regular payments for your bills and loan repayments to keep on top of your budget.

Advice tailored to you

Meet our Financial Adviser, Darren.

With decades of experience, Darren knows how important strong customer relationships are to creating positive financial outcomes for clients. He takes an individual approach and designs strategies that provide clients with the freedom, security and confidence to live their life to the fullest within their financial means.

#The Online Savings Account Standard Rate is variable and subject to change without prior notice; however, the Introductory Bonus Rate offer is a fixed rate that won’t change during the period it applies to your account. The Introductory Bonus Rate applies for the first 3 months after the account is opened, on top of the Standard Rate. At the end of the 3-month Introductory Bonus Rate period only the Standard Rate will continue to apply. The Introductory Bonus Rate is available on a new Online Savings Account if you and all other account owners have not been eligible to receive the Introductory Bonus Rate on any other Online Savings Account in the previous 6-months. To be eligible to receive any interest inclusive of the Introductory Bonus Rate or Standard Rate, all account owners must hold an Everyday Account, Home Loan or a Credit Facility with Newcastle Permanent.