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We’ve recently updated our app for Android users with iOS to follow soon. Below you’ll find some instructions for the old and new app while we transition across to the latest version.

If you can’t find the help you need here, please ask us a question via web chat, give us a call or drop into a nearby branch.

New app - version 3.0.0 and above

Available on Android from June with iOS to follow.

If you don’t have automatic app updates turned on, you can find the update in Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

We recommend updating to the latest version of the app as soon as it's available for the best possible experience and to take advantage of any functionality or security enhancements.

We are rolling out the app in a phased approach to Android users from June with iOS to follow shortly after. It won’t be long until you can enjoy our new-look app!

Once you successfully log on to the new app for the first time, you'll be prompted to enable fingerprint or facial recognition if you already use biometrics the next time you log on. If you'd like to set up biometrics, tap 'Profile' from the home screen menu then tap 'Security', select 'Enable' and follow any prompts.

You’ll notice a much more intuitive designed and a detailed transaction history, making it easier to see exactly where your money is going.

Plus, this update enables us to introduce enhancements in future releases like spend tracking, online account opening and mobile payments.

You can find your 8 digit Customer ID, that you use to log on to internet banking, in a recent email from us regarding the update.

If you didn’t get this or need some help, please give us a call on 13 19 87.

Now that our app is upgraded, mobile payments is next on our delivery list. We hope to share some good news with you soon.

New app – version 3.0.0 and above

Old app - version 2.4.2 and below

Getting started

Our Banking Apps, offer easy, fast, secure banking on the go, and have a range of services to meet your banking needs. 

Once you have downloaded our App, you can log on by entering your Customer ID and internet banking password, and then you’ll be asked to set a 4-digit Passcode for that mobile device.

Our Banking Apps can be downloaded from our Banking Apps page, which will direct you to either the App Store^ or Google Play.

However, before you log on to our Apps, you’ll need to first log on to Internet Banking through a web browser (on any device) to update your password and set your preferences.

You will need to have either a mobile or Wi-Fi connection to access our Banking Apps. Normal mobile data charges apply. Please check with your mobile carrier for details.

In order to use our Apps, you need to have logged onto Internet Banking via the browser with your Member Number and Password, before you can use our Banking Apps. Once you have selected your Password and accepted the Terms & Conditions, you can log on to our App and set a new Passcode.

Our mobile Banking Apps are compatible with most mainstream device browsers and operating systems, such as: 

Apple devices
iPhone^ when running iOS 8.0 and above.

Android devices 
Devices running Android™ platform such as HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy when running OS version 4.2 and above and the default browser. It is recommended that all supported devices must have JavaScript enabled, and accept session cookies.

Upgrades to our mobile banking apps are released regularly. Keeping the app up to date on your device will provide the best possible experience. 

Updates can include:

  • Security enhancements;
  • Increased functionality; and
  • Bug fixes.

App updates can be downloaded from either the App Store^ or Google Play™. 

Old app - version 2.4.2 and below

Benefits and Features

There is a range of features available via our Banking Apps:

  • Add new Billers and Payees, 
  • Set up future dated and recurring payments, 
  • Check account balances, 
  • View transaction listings, 
  • Set-up multiple user profiles, 
  • Transfer funds to third party accounts, 
  • Make bill payments,
  • Osko® and PayID,
  • Quick Balance to view account balances without logging on to the app,
  • Block a lost or stolen card,
  • Manage devices you have registered to use the app. 

There are no charges for registering for Internet Banking. All transactions completed using our Apps or Internet Banking, including transfers and BPAY® payments, are all free. It is best to check with your mobile service provider, as data fees may apply.

When you first log on to our App, you will be asked to create a profile name. This can be any name of your choosing, and each device can save up to 3 different profiles. To switch between profiles, tap the left hand menu and tap ‘switch profile’. From here you can edit or delete profiles and register new ones.

If you setup a Quick Balance, which will allow you to swipe left to see your account balance without logging on, you will be shown details for your last logged on profile.

Yes, as with Internet Banking, you are able to enter details of new Payees or Billers. Once you have set up a new Payee or Biller it will continue to appear in the App for future use.

We offer a number of easy-to-use calculators to help you estimate your repayments and how much you could borrow for Personal Loans and Home Loans (subject to approval). To use these calculators, select ‘Tools’ from the hamburger menu.

Most devices are able to view PDF files through a browser window or through the device. While it is also possible to print statements^^ from most devices, this capability is dependent on the availability of a wireless printer and a third party app that supports printing to it.

Yes, you can schedule future dated or recurring payments through our Apps.

If your application for Online Redraw has been approved and your access granted, you can perform redraws via the Apps.  

You will need to have an eligible home loan to set up online redraw. All parties on the loan will need to sign a Redraw Authority Form. Once approved, this authority will allow any borrower on the loan to request an online redraw.

You can access both Internet Banking and our Apps while overseas if you have access to an appropriate mobile phone plan or connection to a Wi-Fi network.

Additional carrier charges may apply during overseas travel. Please refer to your mobile service provider for information on fees or charges.

Please note that certain functions, such as adding new Billers or Payees, transacting over a certain amount or security related activities (such as changing or resetting your password) will require you to enter an SMS Code that has been sent to your device. If you’re not planning on using global roaming to receive SMS, please contact us on 13 19 87 before you go.

Old app - version 2.4.2 and below


Our Apps will automatically log you out after a short period of idle time to reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account if you leave your device unattended.

While this increases the security of our Mobile Banking Apps we do recommend that you use the logout function on the App as soon as you finish your banking session and assign a Passcode for your device.

Yes. You can change your Passcode by:

  1. Open our Banking App on your device,
  2. Navigate to Settings, located in the left-hand menu,
  3. Select ‘Change Passcode’.

Yes, it is just as secure as our Internet Banking service. For security reasons always remember to keep your log on details private.

For further tips and information on how to stay safe on the internet please refer to the Security Advice page.

Old app - version 2.4.2 and below

Terms and conditions apply for internet banking and the banking app.

Apple, Face ID, Touch ID, App Store and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. IOS is a trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.
Android, Google Play, the Google Play logo and YouTube are trademarks of Google LLC.
You need to be registered for Internet Banking with Newcastle Permanent to have access to Mobile Banking.
^^It is only possible to view past statements from when your accounts were registered for Internet Banking.