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Sending money to a Newcastle Permanent account from overseas?

Before you can receive money from overseas, you will need to provide the sender with the right information.

Bank Name Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Beneficiary/Receiving customer account details
Please include our BSB then account number.
For example 650000 XXXXXXXXX
Beneficiary name and address
Your full name (no initials)
Street address (can’t be a post office box)

Some frequently asked questions

SWIFT is an abbreviation for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”. It is a code that consists of 8-11 characters which used by banks around the world to transfer money.

An intermediary bank is a third-party bank located in Australia that facilitates international transfers between the overseas bank and Newcastle Permanent.

We cannot facilitate international transfers on our own. This means that all incoming international transfers go through an intermediary bank before reaching us.

Newcastle Permanent may charge a fee for the conversion of international transfers in a foreign currency. Refer to your account Terms and Conditions for details. There may also be fees charged by the third party financial institution. These fees vary and are unascertainable.

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