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Spending money overseas

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Sending money overseas 

International payments*

Need to send money overseas?

Did you know that you can send money from your bank account to an overseas bank account via our International Payments Service, otherwise known as a “Telegraphic Transfer” or “Wire”. With our International Payments Service, you can send money to 200 countries and territories in over 130 currencies.

Benefits to you:

  • Funds are normally credited within 2-3 business days1
  • No surprise overseas bank fees2
  • Cost-effective; you can potentially save money by sending in your beneficiary’s local currency2

What you need to send money overseas:

You will need to provide the full name of your beneficiary and full details of the beneficiary’s bank account, including their IBAN3 (International Bank Account Number) if they are in Europe.

To comply with Australian Government regulations, you must provide the beneficiary’s full street address. Include beneficiary bank’s code (sort code, SWIFT address, or routing number)2

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Receiving money from overseas

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*International payments: Newcastle Permanent, part of Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd ACN 087 651 992, Australian Financial Services Licence/ Australian credit licence 238273 has entered into contractual arrangements with Convera Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 24 150 129 749 and AFSL 404092) to assist it in fulfilling certain foreign exchange and payment services.  The relationship relating to the services described is solely between you and Newcastle Permanent. Fees and charges may apply, please refer to the  Foreign Currency and International Services Schedule issued by Newcastle Permanent. 
Any advice provided by Newcastle Permanent is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Convera does not give you any advice, general, personal or otherwise. This communication has been prepared solely for informational purposes and does not in any way create binding obligations. No representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, are made in this communication.
More information on services:
International Payments (Telegraphic Transfers):
1. Funds are usually received by the beneficiary’s bank in 2 to 3 business days, however, there may be a delay in the beneficiary bank allocating funds to the beneficiary account. There is no delivery guarantee.  Some currencies may take longer than others to process.
2. Please note that International Payments are sent via a network of correspondent, intermediary and/or beneficiary banks, which sometimes levy a small handling charge on your payment. Any such fees, and payment delays, are out of our control.
3. IBAN is used in some countries to uniquely identify a customer’s bank account. An IBAN is necessary for payments being sent from Australia to an IBAN mandatory country.
#Foreign cash: Fees and charges apply. Newcastle Permanent, part of Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd (ACN 087 651 992, Australian Financial Services Licence/Australian credit licence 238273) arranges for the sale and purchase of Foreign Cash in conjunction with Travelex Limited (ABN 36 004 179 953, AFSL 222444). Travelex Limited is the supplier of Foreign Cash services. Newcastle Permanent is not responsible for and does not guarantee this service. Amounts paid for Foreign Cash do not represent a deposit with, or any other liability of Newcastle Permanent. For details about Newcastle Permanent’s dispute resolution procedure and Newcastle Permanent’s fees relating to Foreign Cash, please contact us on 13 19 87.
35Visa’s Zero Liability policy generally does not apply to ATM transactions or transactions not processed by Visa (other protections outside the Visa Zero Liability policy may apply, refer to the relevant Terms & Conditions). You must notify us promptly of any unauthorised transactions or card use. Please contact us on 13 19 87 for additional details.