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Updates to our digital space

We continue to adapt to our customers' changing banking preferences through ongoing development and improvement to our Online Banking services

Digital updates

We’ve been busy improving our Online Banking services for our customers.

There’s been a big shift in the way customers do their banking, and more people are choosing online options all the time. We’re adapting to these changing preferences with continued improvements.

Our most recent upgrade to our Internet Banking and App services included;

The introduction of Touch ID (fingerprint identity sensor) and Face ID (secure authentication) for iPhone mobile device users. This feature allows you to log on to our App without having to enter your passcode. If you already use this feature on your device you’ll automatically get prompted to enable it so you can enjoy more convenient on-the-go-banking.

We’ve also included a new feature that allows you to activate your card online. This excludes all credit cards and business accounts for the moment. Simply log on to Internet Banking, select ‘Services’ from the menu and then ‘Activate Card.’ From here you can enter in your new card details and select ‘Activate.’ This feature is also available on the app under ‘Cards’ in the left menu.

There’s still plenty more to come in future upgrades to help you stay on top of your finances, including the highly anticipated Google PayTM and Apple Pay mobile payment solutions! We are also working on fingerprint login for android users and the option to notify us online when you are going overseas.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘What’s new’ section on the App for more information on our latest enhancements.

Here's some more information for you: 
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