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Newcastle Permanent's objective is to deliver benefits and long term value for members while dealing with people fairly and honestly and making a useful contribution to the communities in which Newcastle Permanent operates.

Business goals:

Newcastle Permanent's business goals are to:

  • maximise value, made up of the 'mutuality dividend' and retained profits, over the long term for the benefit of current and future members
  • distribute a wide range of high quality, competitively priced financial products and services to members that are readily available and delivered with speed, courtesy and reliability.


Newcastle Permanent's strategy for achieving our business goals and objectives is to:

  • focus on providing retail financial services and avoiding other business areas where Newcastle Permanent is unable to apply its expertise or extract sufficient value for members
  • enhance overall member value generated through a combination of targeted growth, improved efficiency and sensible product pricing
  • maintain Newcastle Permanent's superior financial strength by generating adequate profits in the long term to meet regulatory requirements, support future growth and retain the confidence of members and markets
  • distribute the Newcastle Permanent's 'mutuality dividend' fairly across all categories of members throughout our product range, reinforcing loyalty and increasing product cross holdings
  • use Newcastle Permanent's resources to distribute and administer products and services in effective ways, increasing efficiency and expanding the base of operations.

Commitment to members:

Newcastle Permanent will put members first by:

  • relating with members on a fair and honest basis
  • protecting the privacy of members (unless the law demands otherwise)
  • making every reasonable effort to meet the relevant needs of members by offering a wide range of high quality and well-priced products and services
  • ensuring that all products and services are promoted in a straightforward manner
  • making products and services readily accessible
  • making the Newcastle Permanent's premises a safe, convenient and user friendly environment.

Commitment to employees:

In working with its employees, Newcastle Permanent will:

  • act with honesty, integrity and respect
  • deliver challenging development and career opportunities
  • engage our people and listen to their ideas
  • encourage teamwork, collaboration and innovation
  • provide competitive remuneration and reward high performance
  • provide a healthy, comfortable and friendly working environment.

Commitment to the community:

Through active involvement in the community, Newcastle Permanent will:

  • support and contribute to the well-being and betterment of the communities in which Newcastle Permanent operates
  • support initiatives that are relevant and effective in addressing community and welfare issues
  • contribute financial and other support to worthwhile causes and events.

Giving back to our community

Every year, Newcastle Permanent invests almost $1.5 million through its community partnerships, employee donations, volunteering and fundraising programs to support community organisations.