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It’s important to acknowledge the stewardship and contribution that our Board of Directors and Executive Management make.

It’s thanks to the expertise of our Directors and Executive Management that our customers can continue to experience the benefits of our ongoing success.

You can read a full biography of each of our Directors and leadership team members in our 2019 Annual Report.


Jeff Eather
Ross Griffiths
Margie Haseltine
Jennifer Leslie
Samantha Martin-Williams
Phil Neat
Director Karina Kwan
Director Nicki Page

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer
Bernadette Inglis
Company Secretary and General Counsel
Chris Cockburn
Chief Customer Experience Delivery Officer Paul Juergens
Head of Internal Audit Grant Katz
Chief Financial & Transformation Officer
Shaun Hassall
Chief Risk Officer
Ed Larkin 
Chief People & Culture Officer
Shilpa Uppal
Chief Customer & Product Officer James Cudmore 
Chief Technology & Shared Services Officer
Mark Williams


Constitution and Board related documents

Constitution of Newcastle Permanent

As a mutual building society we have no shareholders to pay. Instead we return our profits to our customers and the regional communities we operate in through better interest rates, competitive fees and financial support through our community involvement and extensive sponsorship program. Our Constitution sets out the rules governing the relationship between us and our customers.

Board Charter of Newcastle Permanent

Our Board Charter provides an overview of the role, responsibilities, structure and processes of our Board of Directors.

Customer-owned banking since 1903

  • Financial strength icon Financial strength Australia’s largest building society.~
  • Better value banking icon Better value banking No shareholders means profits are reinvested to benefit customers.
  • Banking anywhere Banking anywhere, anytime Online, mobile and worldwide access to your money.
  • Community support icon Community support Over $2m invested in local communities each year.
Here's some more information for you:
~ Almost $11bn in total assets, 2019 Annual Report.