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It’s important to acknowledge the stewardship and contribution that our Board of Directors and Executive Management make.

It’s thanks to the expertise of our Directors and Executive Management that our customers can continue to experience the benefits of our ongoing success.

You can read a full biography of each of our Directors and leadership team members in our 2016 Annual Report.


Jeff Eather
Ross Griffiths
Jennifer Leslie
Samantha Martin-Williams
Phil Neat
David Shanley

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer
Terry Millett
Chief Financial Officer
Shaun Hassall
Chief Information Officer
Dave Harney
Chief Member Officer
Lincoln Rees
Chief Operations Officer
Mark Williams
Chief Risk and Legal Officer
Andrew Yost
Head of Marketing
Michael Leach
Head of People and Development
Felicity Laczina

Customer-owned banking since 1903

  • Financial strength icon Financial strength Australia’s largest building society~.
  • Better value banking icon Better value banking No shareholders means profits are reinvested to benefit customers.
  • Banking anywhere Banking anywhere, anytime Online, mobile and worldwide access to your money.
  • Community support icon Community Support Over $1.5m invested in local communities each year.
Here's some more information for you:
~ almost $10bn in total assets, 2016 Annual Report.