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Your Future Makers winners announced

Because it's our 120th birthday this year, we want to celebrate the Future Makers in our community. Thanks to these Future Makers, the future is looking bright. They are those locals who go above and beyond to make their community better for everyone.

And our Future Makers Award winners are doing just that.

It's individuals like Joshua Maxwell who are lifting up their fellow locals. As director of Jopuka Productions, Joshua creates a safe haven for all teens, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community. His selfless initiatives broaden the theatre community, jumpstarting many performers into careers in the arts.

From an inclusive arts program to unparalleled community health care, to building confidence in young athletes. These Future Makers make us all look forward to tomorrow.

Check out all our category winners below.

"To innovate you need to think outside the box. You definitely need to be brave enough to take some risks as well."

Dr Alex Post

"My motivation stems from my dedication to the younger generation, and giving them spaces to tell stories. To be nominated is deeply moving, and I'm privileged to be chosen as a recipient." Joshua Maxwell