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Saving for a festival


Use our tips and tricks to plan for your favourite festival without feeling the sting in your savings.

Some people might say that Christmas is their favourite part of summer, but for others it’s music festival season!

Aussie music fans are being spoiled with a huge variety of global artists performing on our shores but with the cost of living on the rise, squeezing together the funds for those tickets can be tricky.

We’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks to help. With a little bit of preparation and effort, you can head into your favourite festival without feeling the sting in your savings (which can be a bit of a mood killer).

Before the festival

Tip 1: Budget

To help save that extra few hundred dollars that you’ll need for a festival, a budget is essential to keep track of all your expenses. There are many ways to set up a budget, whether it’s using the ‘buckets method’, the 50/30/20 strategy, or one of the many other budgeting styles, look for one that best suits your lifestyle and financial circumstances.

Figure out what the necessities are and realistically how much you think you’ll end up spending on things like a new outfit, drinks, food and merch. You might need to make some trade-offs, like maybe borrowing a fresh outfit from one of your mates instead of buying anything new.

Tip 2: Take control of your subscriptions

Forgetting to cancel that subscription to your favourite streaming service can really add up over time. So set aside 15 mins to check your subscriptions and decide what to keep and what to cancel. The three main types to look out for:

  1. TV and movie subscriptions (Netflix, Stan, Youtube Premium, etc.)
  2. Music subscriptions (Spotify, Apple Music, tidal etc.)
  3. Shopping subscriptions (Amazon Prime, Kogan First, Ebay Plus etc.)

Tip 3: Side-hustles

If you think you might need a bit of extra cash, why not try a side-hustle like online surveys, proof-reading, or working for a food delivery company in your spare time? Or the classics such as dog walking, babysitting and tutoring are great options.

Find something that fits around your current work schedule and watch the money roll in.             

When the festival is announced

Tip 1: Sign up for pre-sale and first release tickets

Pre-sale is an awesome way to not only ensure that you don’t miss out on securing a ticket, but also save a few bucks. Head straight to the website or socials and find the pre-sale registration link. You’ll receive updates in terms of location, line-ups and, most importantly, first access to the cheapest possible tickets!

Tip 2: Plan your journey to and from the festival

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of seeing your favourite artists and a day out with your mates, which might mean logistics aren’t exactly a top priority. By pre-planning your route to and from the festival, you can ensure a safe, swift, and (hopefully) cheaper journey.

Nobody wants to be stuck outside a festival venue in the middle of the night waiting for an Uber that might never arrive. Consider using public transport, booking a shuttle bus or party bus to pick you up and drop you off in style!

Tip 3: Research what food, drink and other supplies you can bring with you

Unfortunately for your wallet, food, drink, mobile phone charging and merchandise are just some of the added costs that you’ll encounter once you walk through the festival gates. Every festival has different rules about what you can and can’t bring into their site. Be sure to check out their website in advance for their list of do’s and don’ts.

Finally, if you’re camping on site for a multi-day festival, make sure to prepare a list of supplies to bring. Allocating who brings what makes it fair for everyone.

Now all the preparation has been done, it’s time to get stuck in and enjoy the festival!

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