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6 thoughtful ideas for Mother’s Day


We’ve put together a list of ways you can still celebrate mums this year.

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1. Spend nothing but time

Not all gifts have to cost money. The unique situation at the moment is an opportunity to slow down and make the most of some extra time together. Start the day off simply with a good old fashioned breakfast in bed. Organise activities you can do together – go explore a new walking trail or wrangle the kids in the kitchen to bake something from scratch. Watch her favourite movie. Put together a playlist of her favourite songs you can dance to in the living room. Organise a time to have a virtual high tea together over the phone if you can’t be with your mum or grandma in person on the day. See if you can dig out old family photos or share some of your favourite moments from the past that you can reminisce about together. Now is a great time to create special memories.

2. DIY - make something with the kids

Rally up the troops and get creative. Not only will a do-it-yourself session hopefully buy you a few minutes of peace and quiet, but homemade gifts often leave a special mark. Get crafty by getting the kids to decorate a pot for a new inside plant, write down special messages or pick out family photos that you can get printed on a tea towel. If a gift itself is too big for little ones to manage, maybe they can help out by doing some artwork you can use as the giftwrap or by making mum’s special card.

3. Order flowers

It’s easy to see why these bouquets of delight are such a classic gift option. Local florists will appreciate the business and a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to your door is an easy way to brighten up the house and her day.

4. Buy local

If you are in a position to buy a gift, many businesses have turned to online stores so you could snap up a thoughtful gift without even leaving the house, and potentially support a local business at the same time. Something small from one of her favourite shops might be a nice gesture – a bag of coffee from her local coffee shop, some hand crafted jewellery or a beautiful candle from local designers you’ve seen previously at markets. Also consider activities she might be able to do at home while social distancing measures are in place. Maybe she’s always wanted to start a hobby, so it could be the perfect time to put together a hamper of art supplies, knitting necessities or some garden goodies that she can potter with.

5. Organise a voucher

A night away or brunch might have been on the cards, but while you might not be able to enjoy it on the day, buying a voucher is a great IOU option that could also help keep a business open in the long run. Look into some options with her favourite restaurant or café, or see if you can arrange a future session with her hair dresser so she has something to look forward to. You could also arrange for take away or delivery on the day and treat the family to a picnic brunch at home or decorate the table for a special meal together.

6. Make a donation

Times are tough and sometimes it’s hard to know how to help. Making a donation to a cause close to her heart could mean more than any gift. There are plenty of charities doing amazing work through these challenging times, or there could be a small grassroots organisation in your area doing something that directly supports your local community.


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