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Supporting small businesses


With many people self-isolating to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, here are 5 ways you can still support local businesses.

We’ve recently seen the positive impact communities can have on supporting local businesses through initiatives like Buy From the Bush and Spend With Them. With many people now self-isolating to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve listed 5 ways you can continue supporting local businesses through this challenging time and keep the community spirit alive.

Shop independently

Shelves cleared out of your major supermarket? Try looking for alternatives like farmers markets, butchers or independent grocers. Businesses are getting savvy and adapting to the current conditions with many offering food boxes and providing delivery options. Not only could you be getting fresh, locally sourced produce, but you’ll also be beating packed crowds and supermarket queues.

Buy a voucher

Can’t make it to your regular gym or restaurant? Buy a voucher to use at a later date or keep your regular memberships running if possible and chat to the owners about how to make it up down the track. If you’ve got birthdays or occasions coming up, look to buy direct from stores online or have a voucher sent so they can choose their own goodies. There’s already a few initiatives set up to support local businesses, but you might have a favourite closer to home that could also do with some love.

Order take-away

Don’t miss date night or your morning coffee! Hold on to your food rations and opt for a delicious meal from your favourite take away instead. Call up or order online for delivery to your door and avoid cash transactions where possible. Create your own restaurant scene at home by setting the table or opting for an indoor/outdoor picnic with some fairy lights, comfy cushions and a playlist in the background.

Send someone flowers

Now is a better time than ever to spread some joy and kindness. Take a virtual hug one step further by sending someone flowers to brighten their day. Not being able to spend as much time with friends and family, particularly those that might be unwell, can be difficult – so this is one way to let them know you’re thinking of them while supporting your local florist at the same time.

Pamper your pets

Pet owners rejoice! More time at home means more time you can spend with your furry loved ones, so why not treat them to something special? There might be someone in your area that is a whizz at making custom bandanas for your doggo so you can go for walks in style, or order a new toy from your local pet store to jazz up playtime in the backyard. Do a quick online search to see if there’s a specialist ‘barkery’ that can deliver custom treats to your (doggy) door.

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