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Styling your home for sale


Cheap ways to style your home for sale.

So, you’ve decided to sell your home? Spring is considered the best time of year to put your home on the market. The sun is shining, lawns are growing, the gardens are looking picture perfect and potential buyers are out house-hunting.

If you really want your home to stand out in the market, you should consider giving it a bit of a make-over. If you have the time to do this yourself, it could even add $$ to your sale price. Get some inspiration from homewares stores, magazines, display homes or check out other homes similar to yours that are currently for sale.

Here are some tips to make your place the one that buyers want to make their own.

Determine your market

Consider who your potential buyer is. Are you looking for young professionals, families, singles or down-sizers? This will give you an idea of the look you want to create. Sleek and modern, spacious, funky or coastal country? Whatever style you decide to go with, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. Use what you already have and spend strategically to get the best bang for your buck.

Keep it simple

Try to stick to a neutral colour palette and add accents with your accessories. This makes it easier for buyers to imagine how they can make the space work for them. And don’t forget to remove your photos and personal objects. Pack them away safely ready for your move.

Clear out any junk

The next thing to do is declutter, declutter, declutter! Pack away all of those dust collectors and remove bulky furniture to open up the space. You should also clean out the wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Get rid of clothes that no longer fit or you haven’t worn. Throw out those pickles in the back of the cupboard that will never get eaten. When the doors get opened during an open house, they will showcase how much storage space there is.

Most buyers go straight to the living areas, then the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Focus your efforts in a similar order. Start at your entry way and make it welcoming. Don’t forget, less is more.

Simple things, like clean windows that let in plenty of light, fresh towels in the bathroom, a study nook or a cosy spot to read a book make a big impact for a potential buyer. It lets them imagine how they could live in the house and make it their home.

Tidy up outdoors

Give the outdoor areas some love as well. Weed and mulch the gardens, do the edges, mow the lawns, sweep the paths and maybe even oil the deck. People don’t want to be checking off things they need to do, they want to see that they can move in, unpack and enjoy their new home.

Don't forget the finishing touches

On open day, you should:

  • Give your home a thorough clean and pack away any clutter
  • Have a fresh vase of flowers to welcome potential buyers
  • Light some candles to have a nice fragrance throughout the house
  • Open the blinds or shutters to let in the maximum amount of light
  • Turn on all the lights
  • If it’s cold, turn on the heater or light the fire
  • If it’s warm, turn on the fans or the air conditioning
  • Plump up the scatter cushions and put the throw over the back of the sofa
  • Make the beds with fresh sheets and dress them with textured throws and cushions
  • Wipe the showers and vanities so they sparkle
  • Put fresh towels in the bathroom and pack away toothbrushes and toiletries
  • Clean the toilets and put the lids down
  • Give your agent the keys and remotes for doors and roller doors
  • Lastly, grab the kids and the dog and head out for a couple of hours.

Then just wait for the offers to start coming in. Good luck!

This article is intended to provide general information of an educational nature only. Information in this article is current as at the date of publication.

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