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Making the most of retirement


Tips to enjoy your time as you start winding down.

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If you’ve been working for much of your life, retirement will bring some big changes to your daily routine. But retirement’s not just about what you stop doing, it’s really about what you can start.  You can look forward to an exciting and rewarding retirement that keeps you active, helping you maintain your mental and physical health, now and in the future.

More time for you

So it’s finally time to jump off the treadmill and leave the stressful daily commute behind. You can swap this for a walk or bike ride, maybe join the gym or local tennis club, anything that keeps you physically active. You could even take up a cooking class and learn a new cuisine. If we can’t travel the world, we can still eat the food! If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of clubs you can join to grow your social circles. Garden clubs, book clubs, bridge clubs….whatever you think you might like to try. There are even online groups if you are living in a remote area or have made a tree/sea change which makes it difficult to attend in person.

Ticking off the bucket list

Travelling is often high on the list of things people want to do when they retire. With current restrictions limiting the destinations available, there are still plenty of places right in our own back yard that are well worth the trip. Australia is a big country with a plethora of choices to explore. You can hire a campervan and drive the open road, take a train across the country, visit beautiful country areas and poke around the shops. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sun set over Cable Beach or take a trip to Canberra to see Floriade? It is still possible to travel. Plans can sometimes change but that can be part of the adventure. Being flexible is key but it can certainly provide life long memories and tales to tell when you get home.

Staying connected

If you’ve made a move to a new location as part of your retirement plan, it is important to keep connected with family and friends, as well as taking the time to build relationships in your new area. Try all the local cafes to find who makes the best coffee and find some like-minded people. Also a good way to explore your new community. Even if you have chosen the open road as your new way of life, staying in touch is made a lot easier with online tools like Skype and Messenger. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can also be useful to share your adventures and finding out things to see, places to eat and stay in the area you are visiting.

Giving back

Volunteering is a great way to make a positive contribution to your community and meet new people along the way. Maybe you miss the routine and sense of purpose you experienced with your job so volunteering can be a good substitute. There are many local groups who would welcome your skills and another set of hands to help out. You can choose how much or how little time you want to commit so it fits your plans.

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