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How businesses can support local


Your business can make a genuine difference to the livelihoods and lives of those residing in your community by making a few simple and conscious decisions.

Community and connection are crucial to the sustainable success of small businesses, and when we support locals, we uplift and empower those around us.

Your business can make a genuine difference to the livelihoods and lives of those residing in your community. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to show your support and everyone wins.

Give these seven ideas a try and get your business involved in supporting local.

1. Choose local venues

If you are planning a business event, avoid travelling out of town. Instead, book a local venue that’s equipped with the facilities you need. Whether you’re hosting a team-building event, product launch, stakeholder meeting, or seminar, challenge yourself to keep your team and guests as close to your offices as possible.

2. Hire local caterers

Forget chains – your local catering companies, restaurants, and cafes are more than able to produce delicious, event-friendly food for your next meeting. If you can track down a food supplier that sources fresh produce locally, too, even better.

3. Work with local artists

Business is not all about the numbers. Every now and again, you need something visual, eye-catching, and creative. Contact local artists and commission them to create banner artwork, logos, flyers, and other required assets. If you are hosting an event, why not bring in a local photographer to capture candid moments – it’s these kinds of versatile and authentic images you can use across social media, newsletters, blog posts, and your website.

4. Host a staycation

If your business runs retreats annually, opt for a local resort this year. There’s no need to travel afar to give your staff the rest, relaxation, and professional development they need to thrive.

5. Create a volunteer program

Supporting local is not just about giving your dollars – it’s about giving your time, too. Creating a volunteer program in the workplace can encourage staff to give back to local organisations. You can also participate in seasonal charity events, such as donating to food banks around Christmas time.

6. Sponsor local events

Does your town play host to community events throughout the year? Get your business involved by signing up as a sponsor. Craft and farmers markets, live music events, kids’ sporting competitions, and fun runs are all excellent options.

7. Share your region

Do you send bottles of wine or bunches of flowers to investors, clients, or business partners? Give them something a little more memorable by swapping out the expected for the extraordinary. Put together a thoughtful gift basket of local goods – preserves, pickles, candles, and so on. Be sure to include the business cards of locals featured in case the lucky recipient wants to make a follow-up purchase.

Generosity repays dividends

Small businesses across the country have been dealt a tricky hand the last 12 months, but we all have the power to reinvest in our community and help those in need. A little forethought and effort can enable your company to support local organisations, charities, venues, makers, and businesses.

This article is intended to provide general information of an educational nature only Information in this article is current as at the date of publication.

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