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Wednesday 23 December 2020

After thirteen years with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, Mike Rabbitt recently announced 2020 would be his last year serving on its Board of Directors.

Mike, or Rabbs as he is affectionately known, joined the Charitbale Foundation Board in 2007 as one of its early “community directors”, appointed from the community to provide practical insight and diversity of opinion in the boardroom.

With more than 30 years of media, marketing, sporting and community services roles, Mike brought a perspective that was developed through deep interaction with the charity sector and a genuine desire to give back to the community.

Mike said his decision to join the board was based on his personal philosophy to help charities in any way he could, including imparting the knowledge he had built up over his working career.

“It was joy to know I could bring expertise and knowledge that could benefit others within the community, Mike said.”

This readiness to share his knowledge, along with his passion and sense of humour made Mike an indispensable feature of the Board which approved more than 370 community projects during his tenure.   

Mike often used his experience as Lead Sports Presenter and Promotions Manager for NBN Television, and caller of countless sporting events to lead Charitable Foundation events and productions as MC or interviewer.

In thanking Mike for his dedicated service, Charitable Foundation Chair Jennifer Leslie said Mike’s close connection to the community delivered a valuable perspective to the Charitable Foundation’s strategy and decisions.

“Mike was so often the face of Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation events and his expertise brought professionalism and entertainment to those occasions where we could share the work of the Charitable Foundation with the wider community" Jennifer said.

"Mike also much delivered more than his journalism and presentation skills. His passion for giving marginalised people opportunity and a voice shone through in Board discussions. Mike was a fierce advocate for funding projects that made a practical contribution to the community.”

Helping fund projects that directly impact for people facing marginalisation or disadvantage is something that Mike notes as a highlight of his time with the Charitable Foundation.

Calling out Variety NSW’s ground-breaking Vison for Life project; Wheelchair Sport’s NSW’s Northern region track and field programs and the numerous Men’s sheds in regional NSW supported by the Charitable Foundation as particular standouts, Mike said he is a big advocate of projects that deliver a direct benefit for people in need.

“The pleasure you get from seeing the great work of the Charitable Foundation and its supported charities in the community is something very special.”

View Mike's farewell message (YouTube).

Mike Rabbitt
Mike Rabbitt retires from Board of Directors

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