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Our vision is to help rewrite the future of people in need. Now. And for generations to come

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation was created more than 15 years ago as a gift from Newcastle Permanent Building Society to the community.

That gift, in the form of a $30 million endowment, is never to be returned to Newcastle Permanent Building Society. Instead, these funds have been invested to generate an ongoing income, such as interest. Each year the income earned from this endowment is presented as grants to our local communities; each year we provide more than $1.5 million in grants. 

This has enabled us to operate under a funding model that differs to many other foundations. Some foundations are established where the annual funds for grants come as a percentage of the ‘parent company’s’ annual profits. 

This can mean that if the parent company has an exceptional year, there’s more money available for grants. However, if the parent company does not perform so well financially, the funds available to be used as grants may be reduced. 

For us, in addition to the original $30 million endowment, our resources and operational costs to manage the day-to-day activities of the Charitable Foundation are an ongoing gift to the community by Newcastle Permanent Building Society. 

Under our model we focus on funding initiatives and programs that deliver immediate outcomes to ensure the maximum benefit is received by our local communities. This means we don’t support multi-year projects. If a project is worthy, or can be extended further into the community, we encourage the charitable group to apply for another grant in a future funding round. 

Our core values

Options theatre
Nathan, Options Theatre

Our core values are the beliefs, traits, and behavioural outcomes which guide our pursuit of our vision and mission. We do this through: 

  • Supporting projects and initiatives that address disadvantage or marginalisation of people in regional NSW communities. 
  • Supporting projects that maximise the opportunity to improve the lives of people in need of all ages in our regional communities. 
  • Supporting innovative technology which benefits the lives of disadvantaged, marginalised, and isolated people in regional NSW communities. 
  • Supporting the development and opportunity for youth to develop as outstanding Australian citizens. 
  • Supporting projects that are not able to attract government or corporate sponsorship funding and support. 
  • Recognising and supporting the invaluable contribution made to our community by volunteers. 
  • Being an advocate for the regional communities and endeavours we support.

Our funding focus areas

The Charitable Foundation funds projects that directly benefit those most in need in our community. We seek to support projects that are sustainable over the long term or deliver an enduring community benefit beyond the funding period. Our three areas of focus are:

healthy bodiesProjects that provide improved health outcomes for the most disadvantaged, isolated, and vulnerable in our community, with a priority for: 

  • Projects that use new technology to deliver improved health services to regional areas
  • Initiatives that improve health awareness and resources in regional communities and disadvantaged groups
  • Initiatives that support good mental health in regional communities 
  • Projects that focus on key health issues for regional communities.

happy lives We support projects that provide improved life outcomes for marginalised and at-risk young people in our community. We: 

  • Support early intervention initiatives for childhood education, development, and well-being 
  • Facilitate remediation, development, and mentoring for disadvantaged and disengaged youth 
  • Assist initiatives that support youth mental health in regional communities. 

staff volunteeringWe support projects that provide improved social wellbeing for the most disadvantaged or marginalised in our community. We: 

  • Assist socially disadvantaged people in our community to build new skills
  • Facilitate socially marginalised and isolated groups to build social connections
  • Help communities build resilience through social infrastructure, connectedness, and healthy lifestyle.