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Friday, 9 February 2024

A leading Bathurst disability service can now expand their award-winning hospitality enterprise, upgrading their kitchen with a $40,000 boost from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

Vivability Limited’s Café VIVA now boasts an improved fit-for-purpose set up, with new equipment and a reconfigured layout providing a safer and more practical workplace for staff, including people living with disability.

As well as providing meaningful employment and community connections, Café VIVA is an industry leader in ensuring that all its employees with a disability receive an award wage. It also supports a second social enterprise, Viva Eats, which delivers over 30 free meals each week to people in need.

The kitchen renovation allows Café VIVA to expand its menu and services through faster food preparation and service delivery, with the aim of accommodating a larger customer base and creating more employment opportunities, as well as increasing the number of meals able to be donated through Viva Eats.

Vivability Manager of Social Enterprises April See said that the project meant much more than a kitchen upgrade.

“This will change our offering to our customers so we can provide something that is fresh, sustainable and locally sourced, but really what it’s about for us is those employment opportunities for people living with disability,” April said.

“It’s not just about financial independence; it’s about contribution to community, their self-worth, and having those real interactions with people - it’s true diversity and inclusiveness.

“This grant from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation helped us get the renovation done, and we’re very grateful for the support.”

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Executive Officer Carly Bush said that the social impact of Café Viva was immeasurable.

“Café VIVA is more than a spot to grab a coffee, it’s a community hub where people living with disabilities are nurtured and celebrated,” Carly said.

“Their reputation precedes them, but seeing first-hand the passion and dedication of everyone involved has completely blown me away.

“We’re exceptionally proud that the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation was able to contribute to this amazing café and know that more wonderful things are going to be achieved here.”

Carly Bush, Denley Hulands and April See
Carly Bush, Denley Hulands and April See

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