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To help support not-for-profits and ensure they are able to continue providing vital resources to those in need, Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has compiled an extensive list of resources and information for its community partners to use during COVID-19

This involves supporting our partners’ business continuity practices and COVID-19 risk management strategies and investigating how to run programs and services in our distanced environment and delivering effective communication with clients through social channels.

The Charitable Foundation has provided partners with practical information and links to resources for managing not-for-profits’ during COVID-19 so they remain strong during this challenging period, and continue to assist the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our community now and beyond this crisis.

The Charitable Foundation understands to achieve the greatest impact, all charities and not-for profits need to think fast and act quickly in the way they deliver services, for now and into the future. For this reason, the Charitable Foundation will extend the same resources to the wider community and encourage everybody to share this information with colleagues, friends and community organisations by sharing this page.

Building Capacity During COVID-19 Resource Links

Government coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Health information

Financial information

Work health and safety

COVID-19: Resources for charities and not-for-profits
(Australia / US / UK based)

Communications and messaging

Free training

Peer-reviewed research

Mobile phone

Charitable Foundation news