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Supporting children and families through grief.

Magic isn’t necessarily pulling a rabbit out of a hat or fancy disappearing tricks.

Sometimes it’s helping a child feel connected and understood after losing a parent or sibling.

It’s providing grieving children and adults with the tools to invite joy back into their lives and inspire hope for the future.

And it’s a national charity that’s helping to make the impossible, possible.

With a staggering one in 20 Aussie kids estimated to experience the death of a parent before they turn 18 years old, Feel the Magic is helping families cope with the pain and isolation caused by loss.

Chief Executive Officer, Adam Blatch, said their early intervention programs are designed to create a community where grieving kids and their families feel supported and empowered to move forward with their lives.

“Despite research showing that access to comprehensive care can keep a child’s development on track and help prevent adverse outcomes, bereaved youth are often an overlooked group,” Adam said.

“We deliver all our resources and strategies free to participants, including our leading support camps.

“Children between the ages of 7-17 are able to attend a transformational weekend that combines fun, physical challenges with grief education and emotional support.

“The most common anecdotal feedback we get from camp participants is they feel like they have found a community that gets them.

Often kids don't have other peers around them that understand what they're going through, so our camps are a safe environment where they can share their thoughts and feelings with others who also have that lived experience.

Using a $55,000 from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, Feel the Magic was able to bring its Grad Camp to the Hunter Region for the first time in early 2023.

“Childhood bereavement can bring a range of mental health challenges as an adult including anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation,” Adam said.

“Under the guidance of psychologists and mentors, we equip 17- and 18-year-olds with specific skills and strategies to live healthily with their grief as they transition to adult life.

“We know our framework is helping young adults increase their sense of connection and self-advocacy, which are so important to their wellbeing.

“Without this partnership, we wouldn’t have been able to help as many families as we have or establish a presence in the region that we can expand on into the future.”

About Feel the Magic

Feel the Magic provides early intervention grief education programs for kids aged 7 to 18, who experience the death of a parent, guardian, or sibling.

Their aim is to create a community where grieving kids and their families feel supported, empowered, and can begin to move forward with their lives.