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Carter’s story

At just three days old, Carter contracted a virus causing mobility and vision impairment. Carter’s siblings and neighbours love to ride their bikes in their street, and Carter used to sit and watch them as his impairment prevented him from being able to join active games.

With the help of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Carter started learning mobility skills with the ‘Wizzybug’. The Wizzybug is a first wheelchair for children, and enables Carter to learn about spatial awareness and mobility as well as play and be active with his siblings.

A recent grant from the Charitable Foundation of more than $60,000 to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance has allowed families such as Carter’s to access specialist equipment like the Wizzybug.


Kid first. Disability second. The Wizzybug allows Carter to be mobile and interact with his peers.

The journey

The rollercoaster for Alex and Sam started when the twins, Carter and Milla arrived early at 34 and a half weeks. The twins entered the world strong and healthy but at three days old, they contracted a virus in hospital. While Milla fully recovered, Carter acquired a brain injury from the virus.

Carter’s cerebral palsy is the result of this brain injury and he lives with tight muscles causing mobility impairment. He also has vision impairment and is non-verbal. This means that Carter needs support to do many things that his siblings and peers can do independently.

With help from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Charitable Foundation, Carter has access to the ‘Wizzybug’, which is a first wheelchair for kids and resembles an adorable ladybug. The Wizzybug allows Carter to join in active games with his siblings and peers.

I have no doubt carter will achieve everything he wants to in life, but this wouldn’t be possible without technology like the Wizzybug.
- Carter's dad, Alex.

To see Carter now is just incredible! The Charitable Foundation’s gift of the Wizzybug to Cerebral Palsy Alliance enables Carter to explore and develop his spatial awareness and fine motor skills. He now joins the neighbourhood kids who ride their bikes in their street. Carter is living life to its fullest and there is no stopping him now.

About Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance helps people of all ages who are living with neurological and physical disabilities so they can lead the most comfortable, independent and inclusive lives possible.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has received $256,000 from the Charitable Foundation of which over $60,000 has allowed families such as Carter’s to access specialist equipment including the Wizzybug. Now kids like Carter are supported to take part in activities their peers can do independently.

Helping others

  • npbs icon Cerebral Palsy Alliance Helps those who live with neurological and physical disabilities.
  • staff volunteering Wizzybug Is a first wheelchair loaned to families by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
  • happy lives Live inclusive lives Children like Carter can achieve everything they want to in life.
  • Funding Icon Funding Since 2011 we have provided $256,000 in grants to fund four Cerebral Palsy Alliance projects.