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The Chairman's Medal recognises the achievements and contribution of an outstanding individual volunteer.

In December 2017 Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Chair, Phil Neat, announced the creation of the Chairman’s Medal to recognise the achievements and contribution of an outstanding individual volunteer.

The Medal is presented annually to a volunteer from a charity that has previously received funding from the Foundation and recognises the individual volunteer’s service in addressing disadvantage or marginalisation within their local community.

The recipient of the Chairman’s Medal will be presented with a Medal and the Foundation provides a $3,000 cash grant to the volunteer’s charitable organisation to be used for volunteer development. 

Remembering our past Chairman

The concept of the Chairman’s Medal was originally developed in consultation with the late Michael Slater, who was the Foundation’s  Chairman from 2007 to 2017.

Michael was the Chairman of the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, the Newcastle Permanent Building Society, and for many decades, he voluntarily gave his time to numerous other community groups and organisations.

In recognition of Michael’s contribution and in his honour, in late 2017 the Foundation Board created the Chairman’s Medal to recognise the impact a volunteer can make on our community.

2019 Chairman’s Medal recipient: Carolyn Comyns, ARRC Volunteer

Retiree and volunteer Carolyn Comyns’ dedicated support has been invaluable to the work of  Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre (ARRC) for the past 11 years, helping to support people with a range of little-understood autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Scleroderma and Sjogrens Syndrome.

Carolyn takes on everything from fundraising to admin, selling patient wellness products and distributing fact sheets and brochures – all while she suffers from the effects of an autoimmune disease herself. Described by ARRC CEO Dr Marline Squance as her ‘go-to-lady’, Carolyn takes particular satisfaction in connecting with and offering support to newly diagnosed people who are feeling vulnerable or isolated, helping them to navigate the often confusing health system.

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Michael Slater
The late Michael Slater