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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has today announced the 13 charities that will share in almost $600,000 to enable projects that address specific community hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Today’s grant announcement follows the Charitable Foundation’s announcement earlier this year to bring forward its December funding round to make grants available earlier and work closely with existing charity partners to provide dedicated COVID-19 support when and where it’s needed most.

Many charities have been forced to cease or adapt their community outreach and fundraising operations as a direct result of the pandemic. The grants announced today will provide each charity recipient with the funding they need to adapt their services and help create wider access to vital support services.

The grants will also help to drive community-led recovery from the pandemic through initiatives that address disadvantage across the Charitable Foundation’s key focus areas of health, social well-being and young people.

In her first major grant announcement as Chair of Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, Jennifer Leslie said the Board was committed to supporting the Charitable Foundation’s existing charity partners, many whom were experiencing hardship as they worked through the impacts of significant loss of fundraising income and restrictions to service delivery as a result of the pandemic.

“Today’s announcement will enable vital support services to be delivered to our communities that are most vulnerable and have been extremely disadvantaged and marginalised as a result of the pandemic. The funding will enable new and improved infrastructure, education and engagement platforms, vital health outreach services, and access for people suffering social or economic marginalisation,” Jennifer said.

“Since the Charitable Foundation’s inception in 2003, we’ve supported 272 charities that help to make a meaningful difference to people in need and to the social wellbeing of our regional communities. “Our mission is simple but strong, ‘to help rewrite the future of people in need’. This mission is shared with our dedicated charity partners and together we are helping those in our regional communities who are disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable.

“The Charitable Foundation congratulates and thanks all of grants recipients announced today for their dedication and innovation in developing ways for our community to commence rebuilding beyond COVID-19.

“Our charity partners have always been there when needed most by our community. It is a great honour to be able to bring this funding forward and grant it today to enable our partners to continue their great work,” Jennifer concluded. The 13 new projects are expected to launch in the coming months, providing benefit to communities as soon as possible.

September 2020 COVID funding grant recipients:

  • Mackillop Family Services, $50,000
  • Hunter Region Working Women's Group, $44,218
  • KIDS Foundation, $50,000
  • SHINE for Kids Cooperative Ltd., $35,000
  • Little Wings Limited, $50,000
  • Waves of Wellness Foundation, $49,633
  • The Kaden Centre, $48,400
  • MMAD, $50,000
  • RizeUp, $26,600
  • Batyr Australia Limited, $50,000
  • Central Cost Post School Options Inc, $45,000
  • Life Education NSW Limited, $45,000
  • National Stroke Foundation, $50,000
KIDS Foundation, grant recipient

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