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Set them up for life

We know that little ones have a lot to look forward to in life and that setting them up with their very first bank account is an exciting milestone. It takes only 10 minutes to open an account online and as a parent/guardian you’ll be able to manage the account using our app.

An Everyday Account cashcard for kids aged 11-13 allows them to make payments in-store wherever eftpos is accepted and withdraw cash at any of our fee-free ATMs. Give them a head start in life and open an account today so they can secure their money and start saving for their big dreams.

Young child gardening

Because they can see, track and record all of the transactional history, they also understand how hard money is to make and how quickly it can go.
- Karen, Central Coast.

Interest rates effective as of 23/07/2024 and are subject to change without prior notice.
ᴥ Standard interest is earned on your Smart Saver Account each month that it maintains a positive balance. Bonus interest is paid on each portion of your balance within each strata (tier). This means that different rates of interest apply to different parts of your account balance. To qualify for bonus interest, your closing balance must be higher than the opening balance (excluding any interest earned) and you must not have made more than two withdrawals during the calendar month. All account holders must be under 25 years of age as at the first day of that month to be eligible for a Smart Saver Under 25’s.
^^For more information about ‘Everyday Transactions’, refer to the product schedule.