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Third time’s a charm


How property patience paid off for this young family.

In March 2020, Hayley and Nick made the decision to temporarily move back into their small property in Salamander Bay while they looked for a larger home for their growing family.

That was two years ago, just before the pandemic hit and property prices escalated.

“We started looking at the beginning of Covid. We were living in Newcastle at the time but decided to move back into our property thinking it would be short term,” Hayley said.

“Houses went through the roof but we were still actively looking and constantly getting our pre-approval extended so we could be ready.”

Growing up in the Port Stephens area, the 2316 postcard area always held appeal for the young couple.

“We wanted more space with a backyard for our two boys. Boat Harbour in particular was a big plus to be close to our parents and the beach, minus the hustle and bustle of busier areas like Nelson Bay or Salamander Bay,” Nick said.

“This was the third place we put an offer on and we thought it was going to be way out of our budget, but our lending manager Tamara helped us make it happen.”

“We’ve been customers forever and chose to stay with Newcastle Permanent for our home loans because of the convenience and customer service.”

Originally planning to hold on to their Salamander property, Hayley explained how Tamara helped them run through their options and find a solution that suited their lifestyle and circumstances.

Tamara with Hayley and Nick after helping them secure their Boat Harbour property.

“Going into Tamara’s office was like a therapy session for me, honestly. I’d get a coffee and we’d go through different scenarios of selling the property, renting it out, or what hours I needed to work to make it happen,” Hayley said.

“In the end we got a bridging loan to get the new house and sold our place at Salamander Bay to a local young couple, so it’s worked out well.”

“Tamara was so helpful and made everything so easy. Coming back from maternity leave it was tricky looking for a loan, but I always felt like Tamara was on our side and made sure we didn’t over commit.”

“We were competing with people from Sydney for this place, but put in our best and final offer and it was accepted. This is our third time buying and it always seems to end up falling in to place.”

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. You have to try not to get too disheartened when you miss out because something better will come up – it always ends up working out.

The wait was well worth it for the young couple, who have now upsized to a beautiful four bedroom house on an acreage with plenty of room to move and raise their family.

“We’re really looking forward to just enjoying it and making the most of the surrounds we have,” Nick said.

“We both grew up on acreages out this way, so it’s what we know.”

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