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5 ways to save water


With water restrictions in effect across many parts of Australia, here are a few ways to reduce your usage at home.

Australia’s water situation has been the topic of conversation for many months and years now. With dam levels around the country continuing to drop and water restrictions coming in to play across a number of areas, there are a few simple ideas that everyone can do to help reduce their water usage at home.

1. Fill your bucket

Literally. Keep a couple of buckets stashed in your shower to catch excess water while you wash. You’ll be amazed at how much you collect and can then use the water on your plants or grass. The same principle can apply to indoor plants – pop them in the shower with you from time to time for a good soak.

Top tip: Go a step further and recycle the grey water from your washing machine and air conditioner to reuse around the garden.

2. Challenge accepted

Under the Hunter’s level two water restrictions, showers are now four minutes maximum. Make it fun for the family by investing in a shower timer and setting daily challenges with a rewards chart for the kids. Instate them as official ‘water warriors’ and give them credits for turning the tap off while brushing their teeth and hands, or having a quicker shower than their sibling. It’s a great way to get them involved and set good habits from a young age.

Top tip: Try dropping the water temp by a few degrees so it’s less appealing to stand under the water for minutes on end.

3. Load up the laundry basket

Who needs an excuse to do less washing? Water restrictions give you permission to let the laundry basket overflow so you only wash when there’s a full load. Stray sock or spare pair of pants? Save them for the next cycle. Same goes for loading up the dishwasher and try to invest in energy and water efficient appliances where possible.

Top tip: Buy a laundry basket that has compartments so you can separate your colours without having piles of clothes all over the floor.

4. Green thumbs up

Step outside and have a look at any changes that can be made around your yard. Consider topping up your gardens with mulch to trap in extra moisture and a pool cover will help prevent evaporation. If you’re laying new turf or establishing new plants, choose varieties that are drought resistant and look at deep watering options to encourage roots to travel down in the soil. Don’t forget to only water before 10am or after 4pm with a trigger nozzle for no longer than 15 minutes every second day.

Top tip: Check for leaking taps. Old hoses might have dodgy connections that drip throughout the day, or inside taps might have washers starting to wear away. Set aside a DIY weekend or enlist some help to fix any leaking issues. 

5. Keep your car and conscience clean

We’re now entering bucket only territory for washing vehicles. Aside from the obvious advice of washing on grass where possible, you could also try giving your car a scrub the next time it rains. If you’re going to a commercial car wash, check if it has a 5 Star Water Saving Rating as it could be a more sustainable option than washing your car at home.

Top tip: Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce the chance of chemicals ending up in waterways.     

Making small changes will have a big impact on your water usage and you might even save some extra dollars with just a few simple, innovative ideas.

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