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3 things to do in rainy weather


Grab the kids and try these ideas to escape the wet weather these school holidays.

Keeping kids entertained over the holidays can be tough, especially when rainy weather puts a damper on your plans. Here are a few ideas you can try out to keep the boredom at bay.

1. Make it a movie marathon

Schedule a date with your favourite streaming service or DVD collection and catch up on some classics. Go the extra mile and turn your lounge room into the ultimate gold class experience by dragging out some mattresses and covering them with comfy cushions and blankets. Get the kids to dress up as their favourite characters or simply stay in your PJ’s and whip up some themed movie snacks minus the hefty price tag and sugar rush. Close the blinds, string up some fairy lights, turn up the volume and spend the day watching back-to-back flicks to see who can quote the most movie lines.

2. Embrace the weather

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Pull out your wet weather gear and go on a hunt to find the best puddles to jump in. You’re guaranteed to get a bit muddy and messy, but that’s half the fun. You’ll have just as much fun as your little ones stomping through puddles and acting like a kid again. Their squeals of delight will make it all worthwhile, and you’ll get some use out of the gum boots and fluoro raincoat that usually sit in the back of the cupboard for most of the year.

Keep a look out for animals that love the rain – like ducks, frogs and worms. Jump in a hot shower to warm back up afterwards and enjoy looking back through photos of your rainy day activities snuggled up with a hot chocolate and some snacks.

3. Build the best fort

Hold on to some of those boxes from Christmas and put them to good use until the recycling is collected. Turn packages into palaces and help your kids create the ultimate play space. Jump online for some inspiration and help them cut out shapes and walls to build an inside cubby - or a space ship, or a castle! Cut out windows and a door that can open, decorate it with arts and crafts or left over wrapping paper, let them draw on the trimmings and get creative with what you might have on hand – paper plates, aluminium foil, paper rolls, soft drink cans or magazine pictures.

Let them design the space then create fun activities they can do inside. Floor picnics, story time or overnight slumbers can seem so much more exciting from inside their new world. Chuck a sheet or doona over the top for a makeshift roof and bring it to life with some bunting or fairy lights.

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