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Consent to electronic communications

I would like to receive essential communications by electronic means where possible. I acknowledge that by providing my email, I consent to:

  • Newcastle Permanent sending me documents electronically;
  • digitally signing documents that Newcastle Permanent sends me; and
  • receiving notices and documents, including essential communications, from Newcastle Permanent electronically.

I understand that I will stop receiving essential communications by paper and receive them electronically by email, SMS, a link to our website, through Internet Banking or web portal, or a combination of these.

I agree that I will:

  • check my email, SMS and Internet Banking regularly for essential communications from Newcastle Permanent; and
  • inform Newcastle Permanent promptly if I change my email address or my mobile phone number.

I acknowledge that:

  • email and SMS are not secure communications and unauthorised persons may be able to gain access to them and that other persons who have access to my email or who use my mobile phone may see my essential communications;
  • Newcastle Permanent may still send essential communications by paper when it cannot send them electronically or it believes that I am not receiving essential communications electronically;
  • I am able to save and/or print essential communications that I receive electronically; and
  • I can choose to receive essential communications by paper at any time by contacting Newcastle Permanent.

Essential communications include statements, notices (including member communications such as Notice of Meetings and/or Annual Reports where you have elected to receive these documents), letters and disclosures (where permitted by law).