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Request account information by simply sending us an SMS message from your mobile phone

You can use SMS Banking to request account information simply by sending us an SMS message from your mobile phone and receiving a reply from us with the requested information.

You can also receive SMS alerts to notify you when certain activity occurs on your account(s). SMS Banking and SMS alerts are available for all customers that are registered for Internet Banking.

SMS Banking

Once you are registered for the SMS service you can request the following at any time:

  • Balance of a nominated account
  • Up to 5 most recent transactions for a nominated account

SMS alerts

You can receive an SMS alert to notify you when certain activity occurs on your account(s). This information is sent via an SMS direct to the mobile phone you have registered for the service. To set up SMS alerts you must be registered for Internet Banking and can choose to activate the following alerts:

  • Payments greater than a nominated amount
  • Alerts for new messages in Internet Banking
  • Alert me when a payment I set up on Internet Banking has been processed
  • Internet Banking access blocked 

What do I need to do to start using the SMS Service?

  • Be registered for Internet Banking (if you are not registered see here for more information);
  • Log on to Internet Banking, select ‘SMS’ and select ‘Change Personal Details’ and enter your mobile phone number that you wish to use to receive SMS servicesγ.
  • Select ‘Change active SMS services’ to select the SMS services you want to activate. 
  • Select ‘Quick Access Number’ to assign a number to an account. This number will be used to determine which account information will be provided when you request balance and transaction details.
  • Learn more about how to start using SMS services.

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Here's some more information for you: 
γ Changing your mobile number on Internet Banking will not update or change the mobile number you may have listed with us for contact purposes or VerifID. To change this please call our Member Support Centre on 13 19 87.
The complete terms and conditions for Internet, Mobile and Phone banking are contained in the Account Access Terms and Conditions.