We’re launching our new online banking experience, so on Sunday 27th August our Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking services including our Apps will be unavailable between 1.00am & 6.00pm AEST. Please note that ATMs, EFTPOS and PayWave will not be affected. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Transfer money to anyone, anywhere in Australia for free with our Internet Banking Transfer facility.

No need to go to a branch every time you want to transfer money to someone. Whether you need to make a one off payment or set up a regular transfer, you can do it quickly and easily online with the Pay Any One facility.

What do I need to do to start transferring money?

You will need to be registered for Internet and Mobile Banking Application Form to access Transfer and BPAY®. You can complete an Internet and Phone Banking Application form and take it to any of our branches.

To make a transfer you will need the BSB and account number of the account you wish to transfer the funds to. If you give instruction to make a payment on a business day after 4pm we may process that payment the following business day (refer to your account Terms and Conditions).

Just log on to Internet Banking, type in the BSB and account number for the payment, nominate the account you want the payment to come from, and enter the payment details (e.g. amount, date and frequency). It's that easy.

Your transactions are secure with VerifID

Secure Internet Banking is one of our ongoing priorities. That's why we've introduced VerifID, to make our Internet Banking service safer than ever.

How does it work?

The way it works is easy. At the time of making some third party payment transactions you will receive an automated call to your nominated home, work or mobile phone and be provided with a once only VerifID code to complete your transaction. Read more about VerifID.

Paying bills with BPAY couldn't be much easier.

Perhaps that's why, on average, over 1 million payments are made through BPAY every day for virtually anything - from household bills to flights online, school fees to pet care products and so much more.

With BPAY you can pay from the security of Internet, Mobile+ or Phone Banking. And you have control of your payments 24/7. You can pay one off bills or schedule payments for later*. How much and when you pay is completely up to you. It really is that simple.
How to pay with BPAY 

  • If you are registered for Internet, Mobile+ or Phone Banking, you can take advantage of this convenient and cost-free way to pay bills.
  • Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bills.
  • Log on to Internet or Mobile+ Banking or call 13 19 12 for Phone Banking.
  • Select the BPAY or bill payment option and follow the simple instructions.
  • Wait for and record your receipt number.


BPAY View® is a facility that enables you to receive your bills online using Internet and Mobile Banking, with participating BPAY Billers.

You can receive your bills online and view a summary of each bill (only summary information is available on Mobile Banking). You can choose to pay the bill immediately or schedule payment for a future date. It will even keep track of the bills you have received and paid.

You will be notified by a message when a new bill arrives at Internet and Mobile Banking. You will also receive a notification of new bills in the messages area on the Home menu when you log on to Internet and Mobile Banking.

BPAY View bills received

If you are registered to receive BPAY View electronic bills, any bills which are due will be listed here, with unpaid bills at the top.

The following details will be displayed about the BPAY View bill:

  • Biller - The biller name
  • Code - The biller code
  • Bill ID - Unique ID number for the individual bill
  • Date Due - Date payment of this bill is required
  • Amount - Payment required on this bill
  • Status - This bill will appear as Paid, Unpaid or Paid Offline 

For more detailed information in BPAY View registration you should consult the BPAY View website.

Your money on the go

Get fast, easy, secure access with our banking app.

Here's some more information for you:
The complete terms and conditions for Internet, Mobile and Phone banking are contained in the Account Access Terms and Conditions.
+ Only ‘trusted’ billers that have been previously added through Internet Banking can be paid using Mobile Banking. Future dated payments cannot be made using Mobile Banking.
Availability of payments from a credit card account depends on whether the biller accepts these payments
All billers set upper and lower limits for individual BPAY payments.
Some billers may charge fees to use BPAY.
® Registered to BPAY Pty. Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518