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Frequently asked questions by our online banking business users.

Business Users

Authorised users can now be given access to selected accounts, with full or view only access. A range of Payment Limits (up to the maximum Payment Limit range available to that Business Member) can be defined for Authorised Users.

Please contact us on 13 19 87 or visit a branch to add a new authorised user or modify the access that applies to an existing Authorised User.

Internet Banking allows you to create a batch payment (multiple payments in a single transaction) by importing an ABA (Australian Bankers Association direct entry) file from your accounting or payroll system.  

When creating an ABA file, provide the following details when prompted:

  • Bank User ID: 000 437
  • Bank Identifier: NEW
  • BSB Number: 650 001 
  • Account Number: [your NPBS account to debit]  
  • Self-balancing: No

For Business Members, saving the details of multiple transfers is a convenient way to make payments. 

Details of multiple funds transfers can be saved as a template in Internet Banking so you can re-use it at another time.

You can create a Multiple payment to employees or suppliers in one go. The transaction can also be saved as a template that can be reused or edited. These payments will be processed as one transaction per entry.

Newcastle Permanent provides daily bank feeds for MYOB. To arrange for the availability of bank feeds please contact MYOB and complete the relevant form.

Creating a template is a convenient way for Business Members to make payments to several Billers or Payees by saving details of multiple payment transfers for future use. This process does not require an ABA (Australian Bankers Association direct entry) file to be uploaded every time you wish to make a payment.

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, and select ‘Manage Templates’,
  3. Click ‘Add New’,
  4. Select the Transaction Type, (Transfer, BPAY®, Pay Anyone) and continue,
  5. Choose the ‘From Account’ and enter a description,
  6. Select the ‘To Account’ and enter a description,
  7. In the Payment Details section enter the payment amount and choose Pay Once or Pay Often,
  8. Enter the date on which the payment is to be made,
  9. Choose Continue or, for adding additional entries, select ‘Add New Entry’,
  10. Once all entries have been added click ‘Save as template’, or continue to proceed with the payment. 

To delete a previously saved template: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments, and select ‘Manage Templates’,
  3. Locate the template to be deleted,
  4. Click the 'More Options' icon to the right of the template entry,
  5. Select ‘Delete Template'.

Batch payments can be made by uploading an ABA file (Australian Bankers Association direct entry file) to Internet Banking. To upload an ABA file: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking,
  2. Navigate to Payments and select ‘Batch Payments’,
  3. Choose the menu option ‘Upload a file’,
  4. Fill in the ‘File Processing Date’,
  5. Click the ‘Browse’ option and select the ABA file you wish to upload,
  6. From the ‘Debit Account’ dropdown select the account from which you wish the funds to be debited,
  7. Enter a description in the ‘File Description’ field, 
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm the file upload details. 

Payments made after 4pm may not be processed until the next business day (refer to your account terms and conditions.) You cannot delete or cancel an immediate transfer or a transfer to be processed today. Business Members will be able to upload a batch file, view uploaded batch file details, or approve / reject uploaded batch files.

To vary the payment limits that apply to a business member (or to each authorised user) contact us on 13 19 87 or visit a branch for more information.

Separate Daily Payment Limits now apply to Pay Anyone (including Batch Payments for business members) and BPAY® payments.  

The Daily Payment Limit is the maximum cumulative value of all Pay Anyone and Batch payments made, or set up, on all registered accounts by all Authorised Users on Internet and Mobile Banking. The amount is based on the date the payment occurs, not the date the payment was created.  

Transfers between your accounts are excluded from these amounts.

Limits may apply to the amount of funds transferred for Pay Anyone or BPAY® payments through Internet Banking. 

Your default payment limits for Pay Anyone and BPAY payments may be lower than the maximum limit available to you; you can increase or decrease your limit within these ranges. 

If you’d like to increase your BPAY and Pay Anyone payment limits, contact us on 13 19 87 or visit us in your local branch.

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