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Once you’ve set up your home loan, we can help you find ways to make it work better for you.

We can offer a range of flexible options to help you manage your home loan. Whatever your situation might be, we can help find a solution to suit you.

Saving on your home loan may be easier than you think. Try these simple tips and you could be on your way to owning your home sooner and saving on interest.

  • Increase the frequency of your repayments - repaying your home loan weekly or fortnightly, rather than monthly, can reduce the length of your loan and save you money on interest.

  • Make larger repayments - providing you’re in a sound financial position, you may have the choice of paying more than your minimum monthly requirements. By repaying with larger amounts, you can pay your home off sooner and save money over the life of your home loan.

  • Make lump sum repayments - if you come into some extra money, like a work bonus or an inheritance, you may be able to put it towards your home loan. Lump sums can help take time off your loan so you can own your home sooner.

To find out more ways to save on your home loan, chat with our team of home loan experts.

If you’re moving home and you’re happy with your current home loan with us, you have the option to take it with you when you buy another house, with our home loan portability feature – potentially saving you time and avoiding new loan fees. 

Ask one of our home loan experts for more details.

Depending on your loan, we can set up a Mortgage Offset account to help reduce the interest across the length of your loan. Our Everyday Account (with interest offset) has no transaction fees and free ATM transactions on all Newcastle Permanent ATMs. Plus, when the account is in the same name as your Newcastle Permanent loan, there is no monthly account keeping fee. 

Redrawing from the advance amount on applicable loans is another option to help you manage your cash flow needs as it allows you to withdraw any additional repayments you have made.

Talk to our team of home loan experts about setting up offset or redraw facilities for your home loan today.

Whether you’ve got grand plans to renovate your home, would like to consolidate your debts or need some funds for a future project, increasing or ‘topping up’ your home loan could be the way to go. 

Borrowing additional funds using your existing home loan may mean you won’t need to take out a separate loan. And because you’ll be repaying the money using your existing home loan interest rate, you could be better off when compared to other lending options.

To find out how, make an appointment with one of our home loan experts.

We understand that life can change pretty quickly and there can be lots of reasons why you’ll need to change your home loan. That’s why we offer a range of flexible home loans to suit various life stages.

So whether you would like to change the length of your existing loan or explore ways to pay your home loan off sooner, we make it easy.

Compare our home loan options today.

Managing your home loan
Make the most of your home loan
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