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Switch and Save this spring

Spring can be a rather optimistic time of year, and one when many of us will give things a good ‘spring clean’.

Chasing savings and reviewing finances, just like that spring clean, often falls into the ‘avoid’ or ‘procrastinate’ category for people.

Here are some tips for simple switches you can make this spring to help you get on your way to saving more.

Switch a dinner date to a coffee date

  • Instead of heading out to restaurants or clubs, set yourself a goal of switching a few of your catch-ups to cafes to try and keep your overall spend down.

Switch the hotel for a tent

  • On your next holiday getaway, give camping a go. Various places rent camping equipment if you don’t already have some gear, and there are plenty of great places to camp in the great outdoors.

Switch up your subscriptions

  • Some smartphone apps have recurring subscriptions that sneak in over time. Spring clean your ongoing subscriptions and see if you can switch a paid option for a free option. If you’re tired of a current streaming content provider, try switching it off for a few months and trial another service, rather than signing up for more than one.

Switch to homemade pizza

  • The next time you go to order, think about switching to homemade and save yourself a lot of ‘dough’. Homemade pizza is tasty, fresh, delicious and often super cheap to make. The ingredients can all be stored on standby in the fridge. Try googling a simple pizza dough recipe to get started.

Switch a night out for a night in

  • Instead of going out and having to fork out for dinner and drinks for a fun time, throw a board games night at home with your friends! Some might say it’s a little old school, but who doesn’t love a little healthy competition complete with good company? Ask your friends to bring their favourite game and a dish with them. That way, you won’t feel the pressure of being the host, and everyone gets to indulge in their own choice of food and fun.

Switch from purchasing to planting

  • Spring has sprung, so now is the perfect time to think about putting together a veggie garden. Buying herbs and vegetables can be expensive, especially if you find that they’re going off in your fridge before you can get your money’s worth out of them. Purchasing seeds for plants will possibly only cost you a few dollars and then all you need is some TLC to keep your veggies healthy, happy and ready for cooking!

Switch your wardrobe for your friends'

  • With the weather starting to heat up, you may be starting to think about a wardrobe refresh. This can be costly if you are looking at purchasing fashion items brand new. Why not have a ‘clothes swap’ party?! Invite your friends around and ask them to bring the clothes they are bored with and you can swap pieces. Another option is to go shopping with a pal and find some pieces you both like, and alternate between who gets to wear it on certain occasions.This will help you and a friend both save some extra cash without compromising on style.

Bonus tip

  • Put any additional money you have saved as a result of switching it up into your savings account. Our Smart Saver Account is a competitive interest earning account, so putting your savings away means you will reap the rewards of not splashing out your cash this spring.


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