Business Gold Term Deposit Interest Rate Paid at Maturity

21 - 45 days 1.00%p.a. 1.00%p.a.
46 - 75 days 1.10%p.a. 1.10%p.a.
76 - 105 days 1.55%p.a. 1.55%p.a.
106 - 135 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
136 - 165 days 1.45%p.a. 1.45%p.a.
166 - 195 days 1.50%p.a. 1.50%p.a.
196 - 225 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
226 - 255 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
256 - 285 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
286 - 315 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
316 - 345 days 1.25%p.a. 1.25%p.a.
346 - 385 days 1.40%p.a. 1.40%p.a.
Interest rates effective as of 28/02/2020 and are subject to change without notice.
Term Deposit, Gold Term Deposit and Platinum Fixed rates are fixed and apply to the whole balance of the account. For further information regarding interest and the products generally, please view the applicable Terms and Conditions.
Interest rate where Term Deposit, Gold Term Deposit or Platinum Fixed funds are withdrawn prior to the maturity date is 0.50% p.a.
Gold Term Deposit and Platinum Fixed interest rates are indicative only. Interest paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually and at maturity are available depending on the term selected. Please contact our Treasury Department on (02) 4927 4559 for details and applicable rates.
You should consider the Terms and Conditions in deciding whether to acquire, or to continue to hold these products. Fees and charges may apply.
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