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Accessing your money has never been easier with our extensive ATM network.

If you have an Everyday Account you’ll get unlimited free access to our extensive ATM network which includes all Newcastle Permanent and Westpac Group ATMs Australia wide^. That’s over 3,000 conveniently placed ATMs across Australia, meaning accessing your money has never been easier.

Our ATM Services 

  • Withdrawals
  • Balance enquiries
  • Change your PIN (for PINs that are known)
  • Print mini-statements

Security Features

  • All ATMs are fitted with anti-skimming technology to help protect users from potential skimming attacks

  • Our entire ATM network is constantly updated with anti-virus protection to ensure the utmost security at all times

  • With 24- hour protection, our ATMs have monitored alarms that include seismic and gas detection alarms

Our fees are defined in the account terms and conditions as a Westpac Group ATM Withdrawal Fee and a Westpac Group ATM Enquiry Fee.

ATM access
Access over 3000 ATMs Australia wide

Here's some more information for you: 

^ATMs include both Newcastle Permanent branded and Westpac Group ATMs. Westpac Group ATMs are the network of ATMs operated by Westpac Banking Corporation, St. George Bank, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne.
You should consider the Terms and Conditions. Fees and charges may apply.