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** Savings calculated by CANSTAR on an owner occupied, principle and interest home loan of $417,400 [average NSW owner occupied loan size, Source: ABS – May 2016], based on monthly repayments over a 30 year loan term, and compared with the equivalent big 4 bank advertised rates from the CANSTAR database as at 25/03/2017. Monthly savings reflect the difference in the Initial Payment, which is the first payment made by the customer. Total savings over 30 years reflect the difference in the Total Interest Payment, which estimates the interest cost of the loan on top of the principal. Excludes switching costs. Interest rates are subject to change. Results shown are estimates and should be used as a guide only. The calculator assumes that the applicable interest rate remains the same for the term of the loan for variable rate loans, and changes to the relevant revert rate following expiry of the fixed term in the case of fixed rate home loans. Different comparable products, terms, fees, interest rates or loan amounts might result in different or no savings. Forecasts about future performance may not occur. You should obtain professional legal and financial advice before making any financial decision. Credit approval, terms and fees apply.
Information accurate as of 25/03/2017. Source: Canstar. Financial data provided by CANSTAR Pty Limited ABN 21 053 646 165 (“CANSTAR”) Authorised Representative no. 443019 of Canstar Research Pty Limited ABN 29 114 422 909, AFSL 437917. Note: Some rates listed may be promotional rates. Rates shown are as notified to CANSTAR during the previous business day. Financial data provided by CANSTAR subject to the Financial Services Guide and AFSL disclosure statement.
^ The ongoing fee is charged annually for packaged home loans, and monthly for fixed or standard variable rate home loans.
Applications are subject to credit approval. Full terms and conditions will be included with our loan offer. Fees and charges are payable.
* The Comparison Rate is calculated on a loan amount of $150,000 for a term of 25 years based on monthly repayments. WARNING: This Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different Comparison Rate.
Newcastle Permanent interest rates effective as of 25/03/2017 and are subject to change without notice.
##Discounted interest rate available for new borrowers applying for a Premium Plus Package Home Loan for an owner occupied home with a minimum balance of $150,000. Existing Newcastle Permanent customers are eligible to receive the discounted interest rate if they have or convert to a Premium Plus Package and increase their borrowings on the Premium Plus Package by a minimum of $150,000 for an owner occupied home loan. Applications for finance are subject to Newcastle Permanent’s normal credit approval process. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.
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