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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Newcastle Permanent is committed to supporting and improving gender diversity across our organisation.

Throughout the last year, we have continued to focus on improving our gender diversity profile, including through flexible working arrangements and support for family and caring responsibilities. Newcastle Permanent offers a variety of benefits to its employees in support of gender diversity including 14 weeks paid parental leave for Mum or Dad if they are the primary caregiver. As an organisation, we also take a zero tolerance approach to sex-based harassment and discrimination.

Be sure to take a look at our report via the links below and familiarise yourself with the policies and strategies we have in place in support of gender equity and diversity.

Our 2021/22 results show:

 WGEA 2021/22 Gender Composition Data – Newcastle Permanent
Females = 70% of our workforce   Males = 30% of our workforce
 Manager roles Non-manager roles 
 57.5% female 42.5% male   73.3% female 26.7% male 
 Internal Promotions
 Manager roles  Non-manager roles
 57% female  43% male   67% female 33% male

About the report

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is the Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, which requires organisations who employ more than 100 employees to submit a report to them each year.

he report includes a workplace profile of the number of male and female employees within the organisation broken down into manager and non-manager positions, as well as a questionnaire in relation to the policies and strategies we have in place to address gender equality across a number of different areas within the organisation.

View the 2022 Workplace Gender Equality Report, Workforce management statistics table and Workforce profile table.

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