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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Newcastle Permanent is committed to supporting and improving gender diversity across our organisation.

Over the past 12 months, we delivered our People and Culture Strategy which consisted of six key pillars:

  1. Nurture and grow our skills for the future
  2. Cultivate our leadership
  3. Build a culture of wellbeing
  4. Instil a high performing culture that celebrates success
  5. Create a great place for people to work
  6. Embrace the benefits of diversity.

Key callouts from our 2019/20 reports submission show:

Our 2019/20  workforce gender breakdown

Females = 72.2% of our workforce

Males = 27.8% of our workforce

Manager roles

Non-manager roles

56.3% female

43.4% male

76.2% female

23.8% male

Internal Promotions

Manager roles

Non-manager roles

55.2% female

44.8% male

75% female

25% male

In the last year we continued to have a strong level of gender diversity supported by a range of policies and strategies including:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Support for family and caring responsibilities
  • The prevention of sex-based harassment and discrimination.

About the report

The Gender Equality Report is submitted each year to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. The submission of this report is a requirement of any organisation who employs more than 100 employees.  

View the entire 2020 Workplace Gender Equality Report.


Newcastle permanent staff celebrate workplace diversity

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