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Eliminating the white noise of "friendly" advice.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Megan Usher has been with Newcastle Permanent for about 10 years, and is one of our resident expert advisers in financial planning.

She started her working life with us in customer service, before expanding her skills and building a career in financial planning.

Megan kick-started her financial planning career with an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, and is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner with the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA).

Never one for staying still for long, Megan is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Combining this with a four-day working week and the parenting of two very young children makes Megan’s life very busy indeed!

“Every client is different”

Megan enjoys educating people on how to structure their investments and helping them achieve the lifestyle they want in retirement. She likes that that every client is different – they each have different financial situations, goals and aspirations.

Working as a financial adviser Megan enjoys building strong client relationships over time, and leveraging her skills to help clients navigate the financial services sector (which can sometimes appear like a “minefield”) so they make decisions in their own best interests.

It also allows her to get to know her clients on a deeper level.

"I get to work with them at the different stages of their life, helping them to overcome challenges and supporting them along the way," said Megan.

Eliminating the white noise of "friendly" advice

In the course of her work, Megan encounters all kinds of financial situations.

For example, clients who have received a lump sum from an inheritance or property sale, and need help to manage the windfall. These clients have often lost their aged pension and now have to generate an income from their nest egg.

In other cases, clients may have received advice not in their best interests. For example, one client listened to the well-meaning words of family members and friends and concluded that he wasn’t able to retire when he wanted to. All the talk (or “white noise” as Megan calls it) confused him and he didn’t understand his options.

Megan said in this case she was able to silence the white noise and help him work towards achieving his goals and desires.

Megan also has many clients that didn’t realise how many options they have.

“When it comes to investments, people often immediately think of bank accounts and property. We show them there are other options out there as well. We teach them where to look and where they can invest," she says.

Spreading the message about quality advice

One of Megan’s goals is to communicate the value clients can gain from quality financial advice at a reasonable cost. She says that with specialist help, it’s easier for clients to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Megan says it’s important for clients to consider the best ways to protect their finances. This might be through superannuation or insurance – such as income protection or life cover. This is especially the case where a client has a mortgage or other debts to pay.

Another thing Megan is keen to point out is that people don’t need a lot of money to invest.

“You don’t need millions” she says. “Even if you only have  ten thousand there are options available you may not have realised were there”.

She also says that while it’s better to get advice early, it's never too late.

Megan's personal life and goals

When she’s not busy with work or her studies, Megan loves to read and spend time with family and friends.

She also has plans to travel again in the future (she has already visited 20 countries!) but when her kids are a bit older and able to remember it.

No doubt her expertise in financial planning will help her in achieving her travel goals – as well as helping improve the lives of her clients!

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Megan Usher, Financial Adviser
Megan Usher, Financial Adviser

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