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Stay ahead of scammers with these tips from Scamwatch

Wednesday, 21 February, 2018

Technology is becoming increasingly smarter and safer but there will always be a risk from scammers who want access to your money and/or your personal details. 

Scammers have recently targeted Telstra customers. The scammers are pretending to be Telstra employees and informing customers that their computer had a virus or is showing vulnerabilities. 

From here the scammers ask to access your computer via remote access. They then steal your Internet Banking details and transfer money to themselves. If you’ve experienced a similar phone call, please contact Telstra on 13 22 00 and our Contact Centre on 13 19 87 if you’re a Newcastle Permanent customer. 

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How to protect yourself with the New Payments Platform

Scamwatch has a few tips to help customers keep themselves safe from scammers:

  1. Be alert to the fact that scams exist and find out who you’re dealing with.
  2. Do not open any suspicious text, pop-up windows or open any emails that are from unknown people or organisations. Delete them immediately.
  3. Don't respond to phone calls where scammers ask for remote access to your computer! Even if they are from larger well-known organisations such as Telstra.
  4. Keep your mobile devices and computers secure by using password protection, updated security software and back-up your devices.
  5. Choose your passwords carefully – a strong password should be alphanumeric (include upper and lower case letters, symbols and/or numbers). 
  6. Take your time: If you receive an unexpected email, text, or phone call, requesting money or sensitive information, don’t rush to act on it. If you suspect something could be wrong, listen to your instincts – always pause and question the request, especially if it has come out of the blue.
For more information on remote access scams, visit ScamWatch.

If you’re looking for more information on cyber safety in regards to recent launch of Osko by BPAY® and PayID, please visit the New Payments Platform website. 

If you want to confirm that what you’ve received from Newcastle Permanent is an original communication, please call us on 13 19 87. 

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