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This week marks a special anniversary for Jenny Bergquist, who brings experience and fun to work each day.

Tuesday, 3 July, 2018.

Every workplace needs someone who is experienced, great at their job and who can also lighten the mood sometimes by making their colleagues laugh.

For our Belmont Branch that person is Jenny Bergquist, who this week celebrates 40 years working for Newcastle Permanent. 

Belmont Branch Manager Kathy Jenkins said Jenny was invaluable for her experience and knowledge on the job. 

"Jen has always shown a strong work ethic and she gets exceptional results," Kathy said. "She has been invited to the Retail Distribution Awards each year since they started over 20 years ago.

Jen’s attention to customer service goes beyond expectations and our customers appreciate that, and Jen’s peers respect her because of that attention.

Kathy in the background with Jenny in the front.
Kathy Jenkins and Jenny Bergquist at our Belmont Branch.

Kathy said it was a great reflection on Jen’s loyalty and commitment that she had worked for Newcastle Permanent for four decades.

"It says a lot about Jen and our organisation," Kathy said of the anniversary. "It shows how loyal Jenny is to 'The Perm'; working for them even through the hardest times. In return Newcastle Permanent has always acknowledged Jen’s hard work and commitment to the job."

"Jen is definitely a bit of a character who loves to make us laugh," Kathy said. "And she is a bit of a practical joker when she can get away with it. 

"When we’re getting ready to leave at the end of every day she will say 'let’s split this popsicle stand'. And after a busy day, Jen will say 'must be time for a red wine'.

"She can cheer up the branch and make everyone smile if they are having bad day; and she is always willing to help out in any way she can with her positive and happy outlook."

Jenny said she had enjoyed her career and the lifestyle it afforded her while making life-long friends through Newcastle Permanent.

"Newcastle Permanent is a great organisation that has allowed me to have a positive work-life balance," Jen said. "It allowed me to work 9am to 3pm when my girls Erin and Sarah were young, and to change my hours when they reached high-school, accommodating the family routine. When four grandchildren – who I love dearly – arrived I was working permanent part-time. That allowed me to help my daughters return to work and keep my sanity by working three days a week."

Workplace culture and flexibility aside, Jenny said it was working with customers that had kept her in the job for so long.

"I have always had a high level of respect for our customers," she said, "and I enjoy helping them to the best of my ability. I love having a chat with customers and engaging in their family’s day-to-day activities.

"I have always loved coming to work; I don’t see it as just a job but as an extension of my family."

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