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A pillar of the Toronto community celebrates
her 40th anniversary

Terrie Cook reaches a great milestone this week.

Tuesday, 31 July, 2018.

They say that our Toronto branch often has a line of customers who want to see Terrie Cook. That’s no slight on the other staff members but, after working in the branch for 40 years, Terrie has formed a special relationship with her customers.

Branch Manager Jessica Dean said Terrie was an integral part of the community.

"Terrie is a staple in the Toronto community," she said. "She grew up in this area. Customers will often comment on how Terrie opened their first account for them when they were a kid. They trust her to look after their best interests, and she often has her own line of customers."

As she commemorates her 40th anniversary with Newcastle Permanent this week, Terrie said it was those relationships formed with people in her community that she loved most about her job.

"I love the job and the customers," she said. "The feeling of being part of a community and part of a team has kept me here so long. And still there’s always something new to learn."

Terrie Cook near the lake at Toronto
Terrie Cook near the lake at Toronto.

Terrie said she went into a career in banking because she liked commerce and math in school. And she said that as a young girl, "I used to look at the branch in Toronto thinking 'I would love to work there'".

She now says that was the right choice, as she has appreciated the workplace culture of her long-term employer.

"Newcastle Permanent has always had a lot of integrity," Terrie said. "I’ve always been proud to wear the uniform; to feel valued and secure in any workplace is immeasurable. From the customers' point of view, the familiarity is something they love."

Jessica said she wanted to reiterate how Terrie's colleagues feel about working with her.

"Terrie is a genuine soul who cares deeply about the people in her life," she said. "That’s evident in her commitment to her customers and to Newcastle Permanent. Terrie is a valued member of our team here at Toronto and everyone loves working with her! The branch would not be the same without her."

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