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CEO Terry Millett gives an update regarding the payment delays

We have made significant progress rectifying customers’ payments delayed from Monday, 6 March due to issues with banking industry supplier First Data

A message to customers from our CEO Terry Millett, about the payment delay from Monday, 6 March.

Thursday 9 March, 2017, 5pm

We have worked around the clock since Monday afternoon to support industry supplier First Data to rectify the payments into and out of our customers’ accounts, and are confident that almost all issues have been resolved.

It has been a very difficult week for many of our customers and we continue to offer our sincere and unreserved apologies for their experience. We will do everything in our power to ensure this does not happen again with First Data or any of our suppliers.

We are still encouraging customers to contact us should they believe any payments from Monday have not been processed, or if they require financial assistance.

Overnight we will centrally process a refund of any Newcastle Permanent dishonour fees incurred during the past three days, which will include any incurred due to Monday’s payments delay.

I am very proud of the efforts of our staff to work with First Data to rectify the issue as soon as humanly possible, and of those staff working for the past few days to support customers during such a difficult time. All our teams have shown unending commitment to easing the stress of our customers and resolving the technical issue as soon as possible.

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