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Staff donation to the Flying Free project helps victims of domestic violence

Earlier this week we had the great pleasure of presenting the Flying Free Project with a donation of $14,508.10. The money was generated through our Staff Donations program.  

The Flying Free Project was nominated by a Newcastle Permanent staff member as one of two charities to receive a donation between January and June 2016.  

Flying Free is a community art project designed to support victims of domestic violence. This unique fundraising campaign involved over 500 girls and women aged 4-92 years banding together to create 1,400 beautifully hand decorated fabric birds.  

The birds went on display at the Timeless Textiles Gallery in Newcastle for International Women’s Day and were then offered for sale at $20 each. 

Through the sale of the birds, Flying Free project raised around $14,000, which together with our staff donation of just over $14,000, will be equally divided among three Hunter based women’s refuges - Jenny's Place, Warlga Ngurra and Carrie's Place. 

We are delighted to have raised almost $30,000 in staff donations between January and June 2016. This brings our grand total to almost $630,000 since 1997! 

Thanks to the generous donations and continued support of our Staff Donations program, we are able to support many great charities in the communities we are part of.

newcastle permanent staff donation flying free project 2016
We've donated $14,508.10 to the Flying Free project.

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